FSX:SE Random <Visibility> Conditions Failing


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Many of you may know that we released the PA-30 Twin Comanche last Saturday. Everything has been working fine with 20 different avionics options. Everything tagged with their respective <Visibility> conditions.

For the past few days I've been working on upgrading the Twinkie with an "Autopilot, AH, and HSI" (from the C310R Redux). Suddenly The yokes will hide, but then immediately reappear. Somehow the custom (L:var,unit) is not "sticking". The MV_GNS530 is failing to appear when its custom <Viz> variable is set!

The yokes I converted to an animation and simply move them behind the panel to 'hide' them. I suppose I'll have to do the same thing for the GNS530 in the morning.

What is truly strange though is that I've only added one new <Visibility> definition to the modeldef.xml file. Has anyone else had something similar happen to them?

I have no more hair to lose! :banghead::banghead::banghead:


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Yes, they are all unique. What is puzzling though is that there were fewer than 200 <visibility> conditions, so this problem shouldn't have occurred to begin with.

Ah well, it's done now so I can move along to my next headache, er... I mean project!

Lefteris Kalamaras

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we have a lot more than 200 visibility conditions set in our model - assuming this is in P3Dv4, you shouldn't be looking for a problem with "too many of them" at 200 or so. It's something else. Perhaps something with a skinned part?


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Thanks for the reply Lefteris. No skinned parts in this little project. What is weird is that all <Visibility> conditions worked 100% in P3Dv4.3, but would fail in FSX.

For example, simple script to "hide the pilot's yoke" would fail in FSX. The yoke would disappear, then the controlling variable somehow got cancelled and returned to zero, making the yoke reappear. Yet similar script for the copilot's yoke would work 100% of the time no matter the sim version.

No where else was this particular (L:var,unit) used in the modeldef.xml or any xml gauge scripts. It's enough to drive one utterly mad! :rotfl:
I was just talking about this in the thread high poly models. Once a project gets heavy in the total model.def code used the vis tags seem to stop writing for XtoMDL 1.4 or lower. If i remove just 1 vis tag and add another it works. If i just add 1 more it fails. I solved this by build order. Put any groups with vis tag in the build order first. I know you do not use groups. So i forget how to get the build order without groups. See if this helps.
Another work around was to write the vis tag with a MouseRect section even tho you will not use it.