resample.exe on GPU?

I'm playing around with hlsl, and I've gained an interest in what GPUs can as a processor. I have downloaded tons of great stuff with FSEarthTiles, and waited ... processing ... processing... for resample.exe to do what it do, and I'm just tired of it. I have two SLI'd GTX 780's that just sit there while this happens. I'm wondering if I might be able to put them to work in a CUDA coded resample-ish program. If anyone has some deep, read exact, information as to what resample outputs, what computations it is doing, I'd appreciate the head start. I'll start with what I need for photoscenery and build on it openly. I wonder if many of us would appreciate a faster conversion program. From what I'm seeing it could be 1/8th of the time on my setup, maybe better.

Also, does anyone have the source for FSEarthTiles? The author released the source, but the links are dead. I have built a whole suite of organizing tools around it.


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On a high level resample converts georectified raster imagery (e.g. orthoimagery or DEM) into a BGL file (e.g. photoscenery or mesh). BGL files can contain different types of data -- in addition to photoscenery or mesh, BGLs can contain others things, including (but not limited to) airport facility data, airspace and navaid data, scenery object placement data, vector data, traffic schedules, model data -- the list goes on and on.

You'll probably want to take a look at the overview on the BGL file format available on the FSDeveloper wiki ( as well as this post by theisomizer (