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For fs2004 or fsx?

You need to add a key frame animation. It is best to add a key frame every 90 degrees or so.

Then for fs2004 you need to name the part tick18_ and for fsx you use the animation editor to assign the right animation type.
I have the manual for FSX. but not for FS9. Arno says, Then for fs2004 you need to name the part tick18_ and , but I do not understand.


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Just add tick18_ to the name of the part. Suppose you have it named radardish now, just rename it to be tick18_radardish and you are done!
Morn'n Folks,

Re: FS9

I need a "wind tee" - is the concept similar ? Just name the part with a specific name to get it to rotate with the wind ? Or do I need to animate the frames in my modeling software (not GMax) first ?

Also the one I am modeling sits on top of a paved circle in the middle of a grass field - I was planning on including the paved circle with the model... Is this now an official "ground poly" and I need to find and install the FS2000 compiler - to process the pavement separate from the model to insure it doesn't flicker ?

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Please disregard the animation part - I see Model Tweaker has that option built in... I'll just build two separate models - one for the wind tee - another for the segmented circle and pavement...

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No Joy - I've tried both with Model Tweaker and hand modifying the ASM Code via recommendations in the WIKI... I can't get the model to move... ASM from hand edits attached...



Please disregard - I'm good... I didn't catch the little note about the wind bug - you need two of the same objects to get it to rotate... I also consolidated all my shapes into a single object before export - not sure if that helped too...



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No, there is not. MS/ACES had to guarantee that their export chain could not be broken as a condition of Autodesk allowing them to code an exporter to be used with GMax, since Autodesk had already made the decision to STOP licensing the SDK for GMax, and withdrawing GMax entirely.