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Hi everyone,

Here is something I have been working on for the past weeks, the SAAB JAS39C

Some information/Trivia

SAAB (Svenska Aeroplan AB, Swedish Aeroplane Company Limited) produces the JAS39, a single-engine multi-role fighter. JAS stands for "Jakt" (hunting), "Attack" and "Spanning" (Reconnaissance). This type of fighter is currently in use with the Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, South African and Royal Thai Air Force. The ETPS in Boscombe Down (UK) also uses the type in a two-seater D variant.

Development so far

So far I got a large portion of the main exterior body completed, though there is still a lot to adjust and make. I have thus far only worked on the exterior model for the C (single-seater) variant.







I am at the moment only uploading screenshots made within FSX. The reason for this is that in the past I myself was rather disappointed when comparing renders within the modelling software to the outcome in the sim, I can only imagine other people felt the same way.
Most of what you see will need retouching, for example the underwing-pylons are missing parts and the canon on the port side is missing.
Thanks guys! Made this screenshot after completing a very tiny section of the cockpit for the exterior model, it sort of reminded me to the images you find on the internet made by the crews of tanker aircraft (but at a much lower altitude). I thought It'd be worth sharing.


I've also made the opening for the Mauser BK-27 on-board canon on the port-side. It's the same canon used on the Panavia Tornado, the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Dassault/Donier Alpha Jet. The housing seems to be custom made for the JAS39 (kind of obvious I suppose) so I'll have to figure out what it looks like up close.
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Thank you @Ronald those are quite some interesting images, most certainly the one of the canon is very useful.
How is your YF-16 coming along? Judging by your profile pic with the No. 332 badge I'd think you're having quite a fun time right about now (Frysian Flag excersice).

I made a beginning on the actually canon:


And the fuselage is being extended slowly towards the engine exhaust:


But of course it wouldn't be a development of mine if there wasn't something wrong about it, I tried to make the glass two sided...

If you're making the D version as well, it doesn't have the AKAN (canon)! :)
I am aware of that, I plan to use the C-version's nose section as the base for the D-version's nose section of course. Using the symmetry of this section will allow me to illiminate the canon when starting on the D-version. As of now I have no accurate blueprints to form any basis of the D-version yet, so it'll have to wait untill I find some.

But you are correct, there are quite few differences in details between the D and the C variant (e.g. Gear mechinism and bottom air intake on the D variant)
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Thanks you Ronald, I actually had the blueprints for the C variant but was still looking for those of the D (two seater) variant. In the end I'm using my own vector scaling of the Saab dimmesions doc image. I must say it is harder to rework mesh then to create it (kinda obivous):

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Great Blender screenshot F747fly. Gets me motivated to continue YF16 modeling as well, but first things first, 1 (or 2) days of Frysian Flag 2017 spotting on my radar this week.

I found this website along the way, with some pretty awesome JAS39 Gripen (including 2 seater) images:
Showing some small progression (these are the onliest renders you will probably see, as I don't have acces to my sim right now)





As you can see the partial unwrapping left over from the conversion from the C to the D has left some weird texture issues that I'll fix soon.
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