FSX SAME El Plumerillo Intl. released, freeware

Nice work Broder. The quality is astounding.

Well....What demand the community? If you can detect these demands....What is your target? where is located?
Sadly not in Argentina, dude. Facebook? Are u using simmarket? really? Pick a project is a very critical decision.
Until here, my two cents.
It looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your freeware. I think, if I understand correctly, that providing a free scenery to get your work out there and in to people's sims is a good idea. I just checked out your other scenery on Simmarket and I would buy that, it looks like a great quality airport. I think keep going the way you are going and produce good quality airports and especially if you enjoy doing so, then you can't go wrong.



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Nice work! Great to see Mendoza's airport at those high levels of detail.

DO you have plans to build more airports in Argentina for free? :cool:

Thank you, I found out (thanks to thokle) that my scenery does not get very well with FS Global mesh, so if you have it installed you may find some problems with the ground polys, I will try to fix that. It works fine in P3D but there is an issue with the taxi lights there.
taguilo I will not develop another airport for the moment, I wanted to conclude this because I'm going abroad for 7 months, then maybe yes.
Unfortunately, Dropbox closed the download because of too much traffic. Did you consider uploading the scenery somewhere else, too? :)
Man - that looks superb !

Why not put it on AvSim - there seems to be a pretty wide international community who frequents the site - might give you the visibility you desire...


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Hi, I updated the link now hosted in Mega

I can't upload it to avsim because of the size (It is 516mb and the limit is 500mb)
Hi, I updated the link now hosted in Mega

I can't upload it to avsim because of the size (It is 516mb and the limit is 500mb)

Apparently if you contact the staff at Avsim you should be able to upload a file that is larger, especially one that is just 16 MB above the limit. I already downloaded the scenery (thanks), but as mentioned above Avsim and Flightsim.com are visited by many users and you would surely reach more people using these sites.


Congrats about your work! Please, make Aeroparque with the same quality!



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I just wanted to bring up this thread again as I have noticed that the website has changed, so the original link up the top won't lead to the devs website or the scenery.

The correct url is:


SAME X is a magnificent scenery, I have been flying around it a bit lately. It includes a really large PR area with full autogen and models the whole city of Mendoza along with the airport.