FS2004 SBuilder map problem

Hi Terry:

Google changed terms for access to imagery via tile-servers to a costly fee-per-use basis. ...to remove that watermark.

One must use another utility such as SBuilderX to download imagery with associated Geo-referencing.

Then such imagery (in *.BMP format) can be used in SBuilder for FS9 (aka "SB205", aka "SB9").

If you would like to explore this option, let me know, and I can provide you with more links to info than posted below.

If you tell us what your project location is, I may also be able to post a "worked example" for you sometime tomorrow.

PS: Some initial info on this topic: ;)


A general over-view of the steps for this type of work-flow is here: :idea:


BTW: The above work-flow assumes intended use of the 'warped' imagery *.BMP is custom photo-real terrain textures.

For a 'non-warped' background *.BMP image for airport design and/or 3D modeling, use this SBuilderX.ini setting: :pushpin:



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Hello Gary. How nice to hear from you. I thought I'd experiment & make another view using Yandex Maps.
I put it into sbuilder & added the coords I already had & bingo = there it was ;)
I added it to ADE & am about to add a runway............
I want a small airport near Barneville-Carteret half way down the Cotentin Peninsula.

Thank for your info which I will bookmark.
Best wishes,