SBuilderX 315 - Any remedy to tile server crashes?


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I'm no stranger to SBuilderX and it's crashes. I have put up with them for over 7 years now, but it's starting to get to a point where my projects are getting more detailed and thus each crash slows me down more and more.

The crashes I deal with 99% of the time are directly correlated to the tile servers in some way. Which server doesn't really matter. I have quite a few and they all seem to trigger a crash sooner or later. I thought it could have something to do with available memory being expended, but I have seen crashes happen after panning around for 10 minutes and I have seen crashes happen seconds after loading a tile server map.

[To be clear, I'm just talking about loading a background map and panning around, at the moment. I'm not talking about using the tile server to create a photo real image!]

Has anyone experienced this same issue? Even better, has anyone found a solution to this issue? I have a feeling this probably originates someplace deep in the code of SBuilderX itself, but I don't have the needed experience to dig through the github source code.



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Hi Chris,

in my experience the crashes happen when SBuilderX gets forced to download more than one queue of tiles at a time, meaning if you either zoom in/out or pan while the previous queue hasn't finished. In addition, occasional crashes, when the counter hangs at just one tile remaining, can be prevented by pressing F1 to stop and then again to re-start the attempt.

That being said, if I have larger areas I need as background maps then I use GetTiles.exe from SBuilder 3.14 to grab this area, at required zoom levels, and then move the resulting tile folders into the corresponding 314/315 Tiles subfolder.

Cheers, Holger