SBX will not compile

Hi Ed:

Sorry for the delay in replying, as I was still recuperating from an illness and required further rest.

Glad to see you had some progress with a manual compile of your source files by implementing required parameter values for Masks inside the *.INF file [Source1] section (...which must precede the [Source2] and [Source3] sections within the *.INF file).

And thanks George, for clarifying that requirement, and providing a worked example of a successfully compiled file set. ;)

I am assuming you may now proceed further with implementing your Lake Dallas TX 'Water flattens' at Altitude along shorelines underneath the terrain mesh-clinging custom photo-real imagery land class BGL for ICAO 30F.

PS: After examining your files linked above, I edited my reply to your prior thread on a related sub-topic for this airport:

Sloped Ramp for Amphibians

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