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Hello! My question may seem strange, but I have no experience developing content for the Microsoft flight simulator, and so I expect help from you. Please tell me what software is needed to create seaports (not for airplanes) and how to position them. What software is needed to integrate my project into a simulator. There is also a question about the requirements for models, textures and materials. I chose the topic of seaports for myself, as I consider it a rather interesting and large object that can revive the surface of the earth. I wonder if it will be possible to develop seaports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? What do you think about this?


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We have no idea what objects or tools will be required to create seaports in MS2020, sorry.

Paul Domingue

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Until Microsoft releases the Software Development Kit (SDK) for MSFS 2020 there is nothing that can be done about it.
You could practice your ideas within FSX or P3D since those SDKs are available.
In that case, what can you say if this is done for FSX or P3D? What software is needed to integrate into these simulators. I could have been looking for an answer on YouTube and the Internet for a long time, but asking here is faster and more correct, right ;) :)

For example, is it possible to use the airport editor to create seaports. Most likely this is stupid, but I want to hear the opinion of knowledgeable people. And most importantly, I want to get help from you, how to start. In the first post, I asked what software is needed to create such content, how to do geolocation, etc.

I realized that I need an SDK, but I want to understand what software is needed from the SDK to implement such a task.
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Paul Domingue

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First you will need modeling software such as 3ds Max or Blender. You will also need paint software like Photoshop for creating textures. I am not a scenery person, I'm into aircraft development but once you have created your scenery it will have to be placed into the sim and there are many here that can help you to that end.
I hope SketchUp is also suitable for such a task. With some improvements in Blender. Hope scenery persons will answer.
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Sketchup can be used along with ModelConverterX to compile it into an FS BGL file. For that you will need the file bglcomp.exe from the relevant SDK, along with its helper files (found in the same folder).

You may need:

Sketchup to create the 3D objects. It can also create ground polygons (for custom runways, taxiways, etc.).
ModelConverterX (MCX) to compile the Sketchup objects and ground polygons.
Airport Design Editor (ADE) to create or edit the airports (default runways, taxiways, etc.). It can also create ground polygons (for custom markings, etc.). ADE can also create simple terrain and exclude polygons (to make the harbor water/land shapes, airport background polygons, and shorelines, roads, etc.). It can also place your Sketchup objects, although not directly within the sim.
SBuilderX, if needed to create more complex terrain polygons and lines (not compatible with P3D?).
The relevant SDK.
A paint program that can create (at minimum) 24 bit BMP files.
DXTBmp, Imagetool or Photoshop to create the final DXT BMP/DDS texture files.
Optional - a program like Instant Scenery to place the objects directly into the sim, making it easier than using ADE.

There's probably more, but this will get you started. There are also some alternative programs to those I've mentioned above; I'll let others point those out.
Oh! Thanks tgibson, good push in the right direction
On the issue of compatibility. I understand that each of the sims needs a separate version of the scene. And here the question arises, what is now more correct to choose FSX or P3D?

Paul Domingue Not scary !!! :D :D :D
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I'm not sure there is a "best" choice right now, it seems to be about 50-50 right now. Since we have no idea what will be used in MS2020, we have no idea.

That said, an airport created in FSX format will still load into P3D, although there may be some display issues that will need to be edited. The reverse is not true - P3D airports cannot be used in FSX.
Hello community! Well, waited until FS 2020 was released, now there is no question of what to choose. I haven't bought FS 2020 yet, so I want some advice. Which FS 2020 version contains SDK? And in general, someone may already have something to say about the SDK FS 2020. It would be interesting to know. Maybe someone has a link to the documentation for SDK FS2020
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OK! Thanks for the answer! Is it possible to look at the documentation without installation. For reference. Maybe a link is available