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MSFS Should a very simple html gauge work in MSFS2020?


I am in the process of creating (custom) gauges and integrating them into my (custom) aircraft.
Due to the low complexity that I need, I will use html.
I'm sorry in advance if this post seems very basic and low-level. I'm trying my best to keep everything very simple and not make things unnesessarily complicated to read.

So I created this VERY simple html code, which just draws a div with aqua-type color.
No css, no js etc.
This is not working as intended (The object will only change it's color to BLACK).

<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="test1", style="background-color: aqua; position: absolute; top: 20px; left: 20px; width: 500px; height: 500px"> </div>

;some comment

size_mm = 2000, 2000
pixel_size = 2000, 2000
texture = $SCREEN_4
background_color = 128, 128, 128
emissive = 0
htmlgauge00=Generic/Misc/custom_test01/gauge_custom_test01.html, 0, 0, 2000, 2000

The question is: Sould that work? Without any handlers in js?

When I change the color of the <body> in the html file, the gauge object will change to this color.
But Text, divs, or any other elements are still not visible.
E.g. Adding this to the beginning of the html file:
    body {
        background-color: linen;
        height: 2000px;
        width: 2000px;

I'm ready for further questions etc.
Thanks in advance!
Hi Anthony,

thanks for your response!
I actually just managed to implement your example into my custom aircraft, without any changes to the community folder beforehand.
Wasn't working before, but that was my error.

Wasn't that complicated... but sometimes I feel like standing infront of a huge wall.
It's little things like in the panel.cfg, the path is not relative to html_ui (that would be too easy :) ).
And docs.flightsimulator.com definitely helped... not at all.

But on the other hand, I'm already used to things not being documented by Microsoft.

Thank you for your excellent example and time!