Simdirector catalog loading

I can't get simdirector for p3dv4 to load the catalog. I have tried disabling all of my addon scenery and I've also tried turning off the friendly names option to speed up the time. I actually can't turn off the friendly names option because every time I try to exit simdirector the program crashes. I have to force kill it through task manager. Has anyone else had issues with simdirector like these? I would really like to avoid doing a complete reinstall of V4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Resource contributor
I have read that disabling all FS9 objects cures it and I have also read that version 4.2 does not suffer the condition.
I am on the latest version of P3Dv4 with the latest SDK. I don't believe I have any FS9 objects/libraries either. Either way, I tried disabling all addon scenery and running it with a default scenery.cfg, still having the same issue unfortunately.