Software to create PBR textures

For those who would be interested in PBR textures creation, I have counted 5 of them, 3 of which are payware and 2 freeware.

There are 3DCoats, Quixel which works as a Photo Shop 64b plugin and Substance Painter for paying users (you can easily find information on the net and youtube)

There is Materialize and then Modlab which is available on Steam.

If you have already use theses softwares and wanted to bring somes advices or opinions about, I am very interested by yours returns ;)

Last year, I have buy Substance Painter during Black Friday and I already have some experience with its use. The textures of my Menestrel HN700 (énestrel-hn-700-for-prepar3d-v4.441773/#post-794375) were made with SP.
There is another payware product available, ShaderMap 4:

or Substance B2M (Bitmap2Material) from Allegorithmic:


Perhaps the Freeware xNormal couldt be also a solution:

Not to forget Knald available from here:

Also not to forget the Freeware AwesomeBump available from here:

Another product for Textrure creation is PixPlant, available from here:


Kind regards from Switzerland

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