SOLVED - BGL2XML - Taxipath Spaghetti?

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I'm using BGL2XML to get specific airport details then render the taxiways and parking locations in a program I've written (VB6/OpenGL). The gates come out fine but the taxiway paths are a mess of spaghetti and looking at the data I think it's because the TaxiPath nodes have no 'breaks' in them. There are several for EGSS that wander all over the airport without a break and you can see the results in these screen grabs. There doesn't seem to be any info in the TaxiwayPoints or TaxiwayPaths to say "don't draw me" so I'm baffled as to how to supress the 'linkages' that make it all go wrong.

I think I'm using the TaxiwayPoints and TaxiwayPaths nodes correctly in as much as I'm rendering each discreet TaxiwayPath as a complete object before 'popping' the OpenGL matrix and starting afresh with a new one, but I just can't see how to chop up the lines in the data so that I don't get the spaghetti.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! (there's a link to the corresponding XML file below the pictures).



(I'm only rendering TAXI and PATH nodes from the XML).


XML (link to XML file for EGSS)

Thanks for any input or advice!


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Mystery solved.

For anyone else who stumbles into this, it was entirely my fault. I was using BGL2XML correctly to generate the XML for an airport but I was mis-interpretting the the "Start" and "End" attributes in the TaxiwayPath nodes. I was taking them to be a range of TaxiwayPoints (eg 19 to 90), however I now realise that each TaxiwayPath is a single line between just two TaxiwayPoints. In this example it would join point 19 to point 90, not yield a list of line segments joining 19 to 20, 20 to 21... all the way to 89 to 90.