Solved: changing the pivot point and object rescaling


I urgently need help:
I have a lot of taxiway centerlights (built with crossed planes) which appear to small in P3D. Unfortunately their pivot point is also off center in vertical direction for some unknown reason. I know that I already rescaled multiple lights in 3dsMax in one operation during the last project , but I cannot remember how and a google search did noch really help...
What I need to do is:
1. Move the pivot point of e.g. 500 objetcs to the geometrical center of each individual object
2. Rescale all objects individually according to their center point.

Maybe someone can help me or give me a hint what I have to search for?!:rolleyes: Thanks in advance!
You can select all of the objects and under hierarchy - select pivot - then center to object. Then you can right click on select and uniform scale and under absolute:local type in the scale adjustment you need. Should work - I just tested it with a bunch of random boxes.
Thank you so much! "Right click" were the magic words I did not remember but this is exactly what I did last time. It worked perfectly!
And for the pivot point: For some strange reason "the center to object" button was inactive but all of a sudden was there again. :)