FS2004 Spotlight not working

Hi everyone, I made a fuel storage tank in Blender, exported it as a 3ds formatted file, imported it into MCX and added a spotlight,(first screenprint) I exported it as an FS9 model and put it into FS9. I didn't see the spotlight so I tried importing the mdl file into MCX and the attach point shows but not the spotlight.(second screenprint) What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.


LitTank.jpg UnlitTank.jpg
Isn't spotlights for P3D V4 only? With spotlights I've created dynamic lights for my project. Correct me if i'm wrong.

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Spotlights are for P3Dv4 only indeed. For the other versions they are exported as a normal light.

Using a normal night texture should work fine.
Thanks Michael21, Tom, and Arno for your responses. I looked at attaching some kind of effect and it looks like a night texture is the best answer. Now I just need to learn how to make one. Night textures are not in my toolkit yet. Time to get going. Arno, if I may make a suggestion, in the drop down box of things to attach could you put that the spot light is only for P3Dv4. Maybe in parentheses. I started wanting to attach an effect to throw some light and saw the spot light option and used it. Maybe it could prevent someone else from making the same mistake. Once again thanks to everyone for their assistance.