Taxi light

Amazing! I have just used your SCASM tutorial to put light over my ground polys, I had them made in 3 minutes thanks to your excellent guide. Much quicker than placing effects by hand!

Thank you!
Hi Folks

Jirayu -
Which versions of FS does this work for please ?

Post here, and I'll update the wiki FSVersion Infobox accordingly.

It might be an idea to post your PDF's info directly into the wiki.
There's a PDF to Wiki Converter out there somewhere.
Please have a look through previous threads for details.

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Hi Paul,
It is FSX version mainly, but it is applicable to FS9.

Thanks Bill for helping me out.
I'm so sorry about Wiki but I know very little about the format.
I already read about this but quite not understand all the things.
Some time we are good for something and really silly on other things (lots of things, actually). Ha, Ha, Ha.
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