Texture files question

I was wondering if I could get some help with the texture files on the newer carenado models. I understand the painting part without a layered paintkit. What I don't seem to get are the different texture files in the folder and what their function is. For example in a DA-62 you'll find, CDASD_ext1 where I do the painting and save it as a dds in dxt5, then you have CDASD_ext1_spec and in some other models other files with different characteristics. I assume it has to do with the light effects and shading and so on, I just don't know how the paint itself should be modified to fit these formats.


Resource contributor
Often times those files do not need to be edited at all. If your repaint looks good without editing them, you're fine.
Unfortunately there is something I am missing. I believe those texture files have something to do with lighting. The external texture in daylight seems ok, but the virtual cockpit and the inside viewed from the outside is al black and I haven't modified any of that.