Texture problem

I was trying to add a shadow map infront of my hanger door texture but the texture blocks out when the door comes in view behind it,how can i fix this?


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I assume you mean by Shadow Map as a Ambient Occlusion (AO) Map? You are trying to add such in SketchUp as well? The best method is to take your AO Map and use it by means as a layer within your Diffuse Map (daytime). This would be done within your Photo Editor, such as GIMP or Photoshop. The layer would then be applied by using a Blending Mode within the Photo Editor. If you need more clarification,... just ask. Otherwise, I suggest to you that you look into the Tutorial "Creating Ambient Maps" (the last paragraph), specifically on how they need to be blended using layers.
sorted the problem,the problem was the when a texture with an alpha is placed infront of another object with a texture that has an alpha that happens
Hi guys! I'm newby in modeling. I know similar questions have been asked here but I didn't find answer to my problem.
I made an airport and everything seems perfect for me except apron and runway textures. They are trembling and shaking. Not flickering.
I made model in SketchUp, export it in .mdl. Then in Model Converter X, using Ground Ppolygon Wizzard converted it into .bgl.

Maybe someone had such problem? Becouse I'm almost exhausted.

This is link to the scenery

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Please start a new discussion thread in the Sketchup forum for your described issue above that is not directly related to the topic of this thread,

Also, please provide a link to an English translated version of the web page you linked to in your Opening Post above in this thread.

Additionally, in your new thread, please state what version of FS BGL you exported from MCX to make your Ground Polygon for: FSX, P3D etc.