FSX Texture strange problem


I have a problem with an old (2 years) scenery.

I reloaded the scenery and some textures are missing in FSX. But they are present in the texture folder and I see them in FSDS 3D window, in ModelXConverter 3D preview and in DXTBMP. No night version.

However, I have this message in ModelXConverter Event log for these textures :
ObjectRenderer Failed to load textures : texturename.bmp

"Failed to load texture" but I see them! Some explanations please.

I found that a same library is in two different sceneries. I desactivated one scenery and all the textures became OK in the problematic one. I continue investigation...


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Yep, that can be a big problem when scenery authors include 3rd party library BGL files (and worse, only some of the textures) in their own scenery folders...
New occurence of this problem... two years later (like my other post!).

I unfortunatly save a texture file in a wrong directory. I realize my error for the next texture so I correct the path. But for the first file, the path remain unchanged. No matter what I do FSDS keeped the wrong path, and after the path correction for the second file, impossible to retrace the wrong path.

So, the only way to solve the problem is to find where is the first misplaced texture and delete it. Then FSDS switch automatically to the wright path.

Hope it can help someone!
The return of the...

Same problem again. Night texture wont appear in FSX even it is present in texture folder and visible in FSDS and MCX.

I temporarely switch to DX10 mode and it displays! But never in DX9 mode...

A clue for someone?

I have a missing texture in MCX, but I cannot find on what part it is mapped. I look in FSDS but no part have this texture...

Is it possible to find on what part the missing texture is mapped?


EDIT : the texture is mapped on some polygons of one part so I have to switch to polygon mode to see it! But my question remains.


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In MCX if you click on one texture in the Material Editor you can then check the box at the top of the editor to turn all parts red that use that material.
tgib is right. And- do you have a night texture? Is the orig texture tagged in FSDS with .N???? If so of course make an _LM copy of orig.