Regards everybody ... I have a little question, once modelated an object in sketchup ... How can i texture my object like this picture ? when i export my object from sketchup, textures export one by one ....



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It's best that you do not use textures sheets within SketchUp and combine them into texture sheets through MCX. For a couple of reasons, 1) what about the other textures, such as Light map (night), bump, and specular. The other textures (light maps (night), bump, etc) are easier to create separately within a graphics editor (photo editor, such as GIMP or Photoshop). Once you have done them along with the diffuse textures (within the material editor), you will place them in the destinated slots within MCX and use the the material editor (drawcall tab).

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Please do not make duplicate posts, it is a trouble for the website and some people won't help those that double post, thanks. Sketchup exports textures one by one, because you add them one by one. The picture you attached is not of a textured model, it is a texture to be applied. The artist has packed an image with every possible detail of the model he intends to apply it to.
You can use this kind of texture in Sketchup, you would want to learn how to find and import textures into Sketchup, it is a very easy procedure, but a little tedious to explain in detail in forum posts. Once you are comfortable importing textures, the technique for applying that kind of texture within Sketchup is called "projection." Several of the models in my Sketchup collection are composed that way, you could look at this one to see a better idea of how projected textures work.


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To reiterate, Rick's approach of creating the texture manually and using that single texture to map your model is probably the most efficient way to do this. Doug's method of using Sketchup's individual textures and then using ModelConverterX's Minimize Drawcalls function to combine them into a single texture is probably the easiest.