FS2004 Those dreaded blurries!

Hi, I was checking the specifications of my new pc and while trying it out the darn dreaded blurs came to haunt me. The funny thing is.... it only happens with one specific plane and repaint, the SMS Overland A340-600 using a 3rd party Iberia repaint. If i stay in the 2d panel or on spot view there is no problem but, when going to the spot view from the 2d panel and passing by the Virtual Cockpit then by the time I am on spot mode the whole scenery is blurred and messed. any ideas?


Windows 7 64bits SP1
AMD FX-6100 3.30 GHZ
Nvidia 560 TI 2

upload pic


Resource contributor
You probably have a bad texture. Try changing the format of the aircraft's textures by using DXTBmp. Sometimes just resaving the file will work, other times you need to actually change the format (to DXT3, etc.).

Hope this helps,