P3D v4 Tooltips

Good morning,
I've noticed that in a lot of my P3D default GA aircraft, I'm unable to see the altimiter value on the calibration knob (i.e. 29.92) when I hover the mouse over the knob. In FSX, this displayed fine. Is it a matter of adjusting a panel file for the aircraft that aren't working? I've looked at P3D's site, but that was really confusing, so I thought I'd start here. Any help you can provide is appreciated.
Kevin Davis


Resource contributor
I assume it is a choice made by the gauge developers. If the gauges are XML you can edit them to display this value. But that means you will need to learn XML gauge language...
if tooltips on VC model and you not own the model (model source and modeldef.xml), there will be no way to do so... simply forget it.