Transparent model (Need help)

I have developed an AI aircraft in FSX native compiled using XtoMDL and default FSX codes. I use FSDS to design in, and I have never come across this before.
My model has slight transparency. I can see the wing on the other side of the model and scenery models. It very faint. I have checked the material is using default mode and the Alpha channel is using a plain white texture. Now it doesn't matter if I use a .bmp or DX5 texture, its still lightly transparent all over the model.
I've run out of ideas as to what it could be.



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MCX has an option to reset the material settings to "default opaque" or so, which sets the Framebuffer Blending options to "zero" and "one" respectively (or the other way around).


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And your Alpha Test values are set such that objects would become transparent. Set Default Opaque will also take care of that.

But it sounds like this material's texture includes an alpha channel which might be intended on creating reflections? If so, other settings would be required.
Ok guys, I spent the better half of a couple of hours going through the materials editor in MCX... It turned out I had to change the framebuffer blend / Destination blend to zero.
Just why i had to do this is still a mystery to me. I have made hundreds of models and well over a dozen AI models and never seen this issue before. It is bizarre.

=rk= if you would like to take a look at the source file and texture, send me your email address to my inbox. I'd still like to know what has occurred. I don't know what a framebuffer blend even is.

Arno's MCX is becoming a program that is indispensable to modelers like me. Thank you Arno.


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MCX can do this for you if you choose Set Default Opaque from the drop down box at the top of the Material Editor, and click the Apply button. It will also make the other changes that ensure you do not have a transparent plane.


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This is a screen capture of the Material Editor in Max. Note that there are two "main options" for Default Opaque and Default Transparent.

Entries for Default Opaque specify the following for the Frame Buffer Blend:

For Default Transparent the following entries are used for the Frame Buffer Blend:

There are other "combinations" available of course, but in general for normal sim use for all opaque objects, such as fuselage, etc., Default Opaque is used, for things that need to be fully (or partially) transparent such as glass, then Default Transparent is used.

In the case of transparent objects, note that the "Destination Blend" is saying use the Alpha Channel of the Diffuse texture to control the amount of transparency. Note that among the options for the Destination Blend are InvSrcAlpha or SrcAlpha. All this does is invert the interpretation of the Alpha channel, meaning pure black controls either transparent or opaque depending on your choice.

These setting options are also available in MCX as has been pointed out by Tom in his post above. :teacher:
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Thank you all, it now makes sense to me... and I have taken much away from your help.
I must have picked up the transparent model when mucking around in the early stages of the model but couldn't see it in FSDS as its very slight. Funny thing is, I did a global texture and materials change in FSDS but the transpairency remained, so without MCX, this condition may have seen this model scrapped.
Thank you Arno for your MCX program.