P3D v4 Trouble with scene by default.

Hi all;

I have a problem with WADB scenery by default P3DV4

With all aircraft

Postion : LAT S8' 33.19 E118'41.76 CAP 136' If you turn around ( slew mode "Y"), everything is OK

If you advance a little, the runway disappear !

Position : LAT S8' 33.21 E118' 41.78 If you turn around ( slew mode "Y"), the runway appear and disappear !!!

Could some one check if they have the same problem?


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That is correct. Hard to say why, maybe because of the refpoint, maybe because of the runway-only layout in combination with the slope behind the runway.
Why does it matter to you?
Thank you for giving me a idea !

Why does it matter to you?
Because i create a mission with some scenery for the VA that i am member and when they taxy the runway will disappear.

Like you say; there is probably a hidden mesh (or something else) in the original scenery…
But i solve the problem by moving the runway about 300' , and now the runway dose not disappear :)