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Tutorial: Approaches

Found this very informational document with more information, including an FMC depiction and some charts as reference.

Very informative.

FS9/FSX only uses portions of the ARINC424 which impacts a GPS installation. Some of the leg types in the document are not in FS since MS did not include a FMC in any of their default planes.
Very informative.

FS9/FSX only uses portions of the ARINC424 which impacts a GPS installation. Some of the leg types in the document are not in FS since MS did not include a FMC in any of their default planes.

well thats MS for you. :)
Hello everyone,
I didn't want to start new topic so I'll post here.

I've got some trouble with creating approaches to my airport. In general I have NDB and ILS approach. In ADE it looks quite fine (not at all, eg. I can't find RF leg..?), but it doesn't work properly at FSX - I can't select my NDB approach from ATC menu, only visual or ILS while airport is IMC. What is more I can't see my approach at GPS - I can choose and activate my approach (both ndb and ils) but on the map can't see any track. What is more during missed approach ATC doesn't follow missed app procedure - it should I guess?
I am afraid that the one (JV) that could answer you in a jiffy, is not able to give you some answers any longer unless you have some special connections with the hereafter (if you do, please tell us).
Without seeing your AD4 file we can only guess what could be wrong (as Jim would).
Yeh, I saw post about so sad information.. :(

Here is the file. Don't look at NDB-s approach.


    12.7 KB · Views: 510
  • EP_AD_2_EPDE_6-3-7_en.pdf
    140.3 KB · Views: 607

I will have a look at it in the morning.
That should not refrain others in another time zone from having a go at it because I am not Jim Vile.
The only thing that I know (and that you probably know as well) is that the ILS takes precedence over all other types regardless of the weather.
And (now I am guessing), it looks like your (missed) approach paths all double up and therefore it could be that they are interfering with eachother.
If I forget about the NDB, add an ILS approach with a right turn back course, everything works fine.
I have no idea why it doesn't work for me. I did the same, deleted NDB approach and changed missed app leg to right turn. Still nothing.
Maybe I'm editing not that file I should do?
interessante ...
Io vorrei capire come costruire le SID e le STAR e come mettere i parametri.
Inoltre vorrei capire come costruire una transizione o un'asola che dalla pista opposta mi riporti su IF o FAF o IAF
Io ho imparato che un LEG quando si costruisce bisogna mettere nel punto IAF il punto terminale della procedura e Fix Ident il secondo punto della procedura. Quando poi mi esce nel menù tendina la procedura con il tasto destro inizio a inserire i fix point iniziando dal secondo punto della procedura.
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