Tutorial for aircraft design

Hello people.

I'm pretty new to the world of development, and I would love to take a loot at aircraft designing.
However, I really have no clue of everything, apart from how to model.
But for example animations, making switches work, adding sounds on the right way, making all the 'movement parts' such as ailerons etc. move, and all that kind of stuff are a complete black hole for me.
I've been searching the internet but I can't really find a complete basic tutorial, explaining everything.

Is there someone who knows a certain tutorial? Or can you tell how you started your 'development career'? Everyone had to start from 0 right :)

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I'm start from -1 (minus one), cause I struggle with the English, began in 2010. that short story.
this my hard work and still upgrading http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/mv-22b-osprey-release-1-0.439626/
this the flow that I use:
- Download FSX SDK or P3D SDK. if you using P3D SDK you need Documentation that only available on P3D installation (mean you must buy P3D). you only need the plugin for 3DSMAX 20xx for start, no need learn other. you need to install it first (please remember SDK folder installation).

- modeling software, I use 3DSmax and I can only assist on 3Dsmax (really it expensive). you can use blender as freeware modeling software(there many expert helper in this forum to give a hand in blender). for start you need to make a simple model. just a BOX.

- exporting . export model to X file. there would generate 2 file X and XANIM, no need to worry, just leave it (for start). you need this software http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/xtomdl-ui.432039/ to generate mdl file. mdl file was model that can be read by FSX/P3D. XtoMDL UI need pointing file address:
XtoMDL.exe are inside folder SDK
modeldef.xml are inside folder SDK
Input (X) file are where X file generate by 3DSMAX

- preparation aircraft data. copy 1 of aircraft data in SimObject/Airplanes Folder, it will consist of:
model folder = change box name similar with name of the existing *.mdl (overwrite)
panel folder
texture folder
sound folder
aircraft.cfg = delete [fltsim.1] till last [fltsim.x] and leave [fltsim.0] as only remain. don't delete another than [fltsim.x]
title= CV-22B Osprey USAF // change this as you wish
sim=MV-22B // change this name similar with *.air file name
atc_airline=Air Force
ui_type="cv22b Osprey"
ui_typerole="Tilt Rotor"
description="First operational Tilt Rotor"
you need some modification to fit on some file with new aircraft data. to open *.cfg using notepad, it better view if using notepad++

-test the box model you make on FSX/P3D.

that was the flow how to make and insert new aircraft model. if you success you can take next step.
that was what I do at beginning... make a simple box and insert it to FSX/P3D. after success you can focus on modeling software first "creating an aircraft model" an you can search on youtube.com, then focus on XML coding to make animation work in sim, XML/C++ coding for gauge, modify sound, texture, etc.
you can finish up you aircraft (fully) around 1-2 years (in assumption work alone). Earnest, hard working and don't get bored

Regards, Maryadi


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Krispy1001's Blender tutorials, Milton Shupe's GMax tutorial, the FSX SDK documentation and billions of previous posts about this very subject should yield something you can use as reference.


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You must forgive the gentlemen above, it's summer and the heat is getting to them. Chaps, the correct term for exceedingly large, but less than infinite, numbers is indeed Sagans but there are less YouTube tutorials on FS modelling than that.

Milton Shupe's C162 tutorial series for FS9 is an excellent introduction and his YouTube series on getting a model ready for FSX is also first class. Both use Gmax as a modelling tool (free). Krispy1001's tutorials use Blender which is also free, but it and Gmax are sufficiently different in use that you're best to settle on one or t'other to learn the process. You have a lot of learning to do but if you can already model competently you have a head start. It's too big a subject for a single video to cover.

Paul Domingue

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I hope you can forgive my little bit of humor. After Heretic used the word billions I couldn't help myself.
There are many tutorials out there, probably more than I can count. I say this because some excellent tutorials have nothing to do with FS but give excellent examples of modelling techniques. YouTube has a wealth of them.
If you're passionate about modelling for FS you will do well.


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Everything that's been said, but above all pick one of the available design packages that seems right for you and stick with it. I plumped for FSDS 3.5.1 due to Anthony's remarkable results shared here in previous months; GMAX is free and apparently more capable but requires a steeper learning curve, as does Blender, which is also free. FSDS at least allows you to get stuck in a bit. I've been working for a month on a new project and have learned a great deal.


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As Deano said, choosing the right tool is important. In terms of being future proof, Blender is the way to go. GMax has issues on Windows 10 and FSDS isn't updated anymore.


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Hey all!

There is actually a good tutorial set on YouTube. It's 25 parts and it's a basic aircraft.

I'd give it a go if I were you. I'm currently using it


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1 - You can also begin by downloading my "Blender2FSX getting started guide" over here:
This guide contains a lot of links to (all sorts of) Youtube videos which will show you how to design an aircraft in Blender
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/blender2fsx-toolkit-getting-started-guide.191/

2 - Take a look at Krispy1001 B2FSX tutorial videos over here on Youtube:
This video-series help you the understand the essential basics how to get a Blender 3D modelled aircraft into FSX
- https://www.youtube.com/user/kpgamemods/videos

3 - Take a look at my Work In Progress (WIP) Thread on my YF16 project
This is where I share my personal story on building the YF16
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/wip-general-dynamics-“yf-16-prototype”-project.440049/

4 - You can also take a look at my "General Dynamics YF16 project" screenshots on Flicker:
This is where I show how I started (from scratch) to build the YF-16 prototype in/with Blender.
It also included many albums with YF-16 research materials as blueprint
- https://www.flickr.com/photos/yf16_prototype/albums

I hope there is something valuable for you in it.
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