Tutorial on how to export Max to XPlane OBJ

Hey all,

Dino has created a PDF 'How To' on how to export planes from Max to X-Plane.

I am only just reading it. Here is a link to his Blog where he talks on this;

This is the download link of his PDF Document tutorial on how this is done;

This is the link to the XPlane OBJ Exporter you will need in Max;

Find the version you will need for your edition of Max. Install the DLU into the Plugins folder of your main Max folder.
There is a tutorial also for this plugin. On the download page of StepToSky, find the 'PluginHelp' (near the middle of the webpage) and that will take you to the tutorial for their OBJ exporter tool.

I am impressed so far. Dino has done a first rate job on explaining things. Its late, so I will not be trying to export anything here tonight, but wanted to share this for others to see.

Thanks to Dino for this....
I installed the XP11 system into my Max 2014. They have those animation nodes. I havent gotten far, nothing exported, no models yet in a scene. So very different.

Dino says they group their parts per Materials per animations. So we are going to need to probably swap materials to different texture sheets, etc, to get things working. He said there was a work around on that.


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Do you have any tutorial to convert our files to XPlane 11? I mean for scenery work such as ADE file. For those 3d objects building would be pretty much the same as aircraft. Do they have exporter for GMAX?