Update section overload

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a gauge xml newbie question but here goes....

I have set out to control mouse clicks with custom Lvars so that i can assign external switches.
I now see that there is a problem if i add too much into an update section (I ran out of VAS !). Is there a better way of doing it that doesn't use up so much VAS?

I created a new update section in a vc gauge to contain my new Lvar operated code.
There are already 2 update sections in the gauge. Would it help to put my code inside one of the existing update sections, or does that not make any difference?


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Some extra info which I have uncovered. I have been programming an external switch box which
is a Garmin GCU477. It has 64 different switches as it has an aplha and numeric keypad along with
various function buttons. I have managed to program all but two (The Enter button and the FMS knob)
I started programming the FMS knob and before I added the code for the Enter button FSUIPC was reporting approx 2.5mb
of available VAS. After including the code FSX will crash (I think due to lack of VAS) as soon as I choose
this aircraft from the menu. Why is this code using so much VAS when the start of the code shows an "if the switch is
operated" statement?. The sim crashes to desktop even before the switch is operated.

Would it help if I put this code (which is for the Enter button) in a new gauge?

Unfortunately I cannot share the code as part of it is the code from a mouse click macro
from the Carenado Gauge of the aircraft I am dealing with.

I think that I have worked this out but I still need some help. It appears my original mouse click routine was dependant on a
Visibility statement.

my code for operating the mouse routine looks like this
(L:GCU477_ENT,bool) 1 == if{ 1 (>L:blabla,bool) }
How do I make it dependant on this code


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Here is the code I use for a visibility-dependent mouse spot:

        <Area Left="20" Width="50" Height="96">
              <Visible> @Types 1 &gt; </Visible>
                  <Tooltip>Aircraft Select: %((L:AC_Type, number))%{case}%{:5}@Type6 %{:4}@Type5%{:3}@Type4%{:2}@Type3%{:1}@Type2%{:0}@Type1%{End}</Tooltip>
            <Cursor Type="Hand"/>
            <Click> @Types 1 &gt; if{ (L:AC_Type, number) @Types 1 - &lt; if{ (L:AC_Type, number) 1 + (&gt;L:AC_Type, number) } els{ 0 (&gt;L:AC_Type, number) } }</Click>
Many thanks for your reply, I sometimes think i'm talking to myself, although it helps
my thought process even if I get no replies. :)

I am progressing well now with want I am hoping to achieve.