FSX:SE US Flight obstacle Data


I got tired of flying in the USA and not seeing any windmills, masts etc. So I created the Flight obstacle Data scenery from the FAA source data.

The towers,windmills and smoke stacks are in their correct height above ground. The markings and lights are as good as I figured out of the data.

So... let's look at Seattle... I had to verify this at first, hard to believe that there are high towers in the city area. And so be it, the capitol hill masts. :cool:

Then I looked to the left... and sure enough. Again 3 towers, as in real life. :)


There are over 14000 objects placed in the USA, and some in Mexico, Caribbean, Bahamas and in Pacific.
I created some custom models (towers and smoke stacks), otherwise default library objects for time being.

There are surely problems with this.... the data is not necessarily accurate for example on colors of the masts, but we'll see.
I also noticed that the data includes towers in the big city downtown areas. That means towers that are actually buildings, and are now replaced with a antenna tower. I didn't figure out an easy solution yet, I was searching some "downtown" data so I could filter out the objects on those areas.

Most likely this works the same way in P3D. (I don't own it, I can't verify it)

Check it out!

The link updated for the version 1.1
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Wow! How did you created that for the entire US? Did you use ScenProc? Is there any chance to use your objects in my scenery?
Yes, ScenProc rules! I have previously done similar scenery for Finland, and used ScenProc to other kind of things too, so that was actually the easy part. More time goes to modelling and fixing the data in QGIS.
What objects would you need?
And version 1.1 of this scenery has some fixes and changes. :)

First, I added a scenery configurator and now you can easily switch off Flight obstacles if you have ORBX regions installed. The same with Oil rigs if you have another scenery that includes better models.
Just click on the boxes next to the regions you have installed.

Otherwise I fixed one smoke stack model and created two smoke stack models with red and white markings.
Added Solar panels
Removed masts lower than 20m and fixed the markings for the lower masts.
Removed tower objects from the biggest cities where there is suppose to be buildings. (Most likely there are still left models in wrong places)

Remember to remove at least the contents of the Scenery folder of the previous installation before copying the new one in there. The Effects are the same as in V1. No need to copy them over.

US Flight Obstacle Data V1.1
Great team work guys. Well done Tatu. This is an issue which is missing in so many flight sim areas and yet, they add a whole new life to the experiance. I'm currently working on St Denis Reunion. Fs X has mountains to sea shore yet no hillside buildings , surrounding AP industrial stacks, telephony stacks tv transmitters and the obligatory tower cranes not to mention the high mast yachts on the approach to rw 31. So seeing others starting input this deluge eye candy as well as additional pilot alert items is great. Well done