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VASFMC Gauge problem.

Hi everyone!
I am now working on a project about pilot training. As a part of it I have to attach vasfmc MCDU (only MCDU) to FS2004 737-400 default panel. However, I've tried a load of scripts but what I get is still a black window instead of MCDU.
But once I noticed that the vasfmc panel itself, if attached to the plane via alias, is without any indication - just black blank spaces.
Furthermore, if I try to make a link to vasfmc gauge like that:

gauge00=vasfmcgau!mcdu, 0,0,226
it writes to me the following:

I have to rename vasfmcgau to vasfmcgau.gau. It disappears yet the result is still the same.
I also tried attaching it via archive with cab format as the default Garmin GPS is attached.
The link to the archive I use: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H4JeL-sRdB9aSoHSOZBUHb2WbkjxjQjr?usp=sharing
The script I use is in the file "panel via cab" in the link to.
Also there you can find deafault panel and fs9gps.cab.
In the A320 archive there are default xmls and textures that cane after installation. I tried to amed textures converting them to 256 colors with DXTBMP but still to no avail.

I really need help since I don't understand what I am doing wrong.Thanks in advance, Alex.

Thanks a lot for your assistance,


Resource contributor
Perhaps it needs other gauges loaded for it to become visible?