Weird Ground Poly Conversion Problem

Hey guys its me again.

Right now im suffering a pretty weird problem converting my ground poly into the sim with ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard.

So here is what i have after exporting it from gmax and importing it into MDX. Everything fine and as it should.

Now i pressed Convert in the poly wizard. The conversion starts no errors in the log.

But now comes the problem:

This is how the just converted poly looks like in the sim. I already highered the layer up to 20, always the same and on the right of the runway you even see a triangle with the runway texture. The whole airport background is flatten.

And this is all i see after importing the bgl i just created back into MDX:

I really hope someone can help me with that... Thanks a lot in advance!


Resource contributor
Post this in the ModelConverterX forum - I believe that Arno is working on this problem?