FS2004 What's that line marker cause of?

Hello Folks,

I deleted and re new taxiway twice. All connects nodes are same width feet taxiways. But it still two lines markers. What is THAT? I did not have other taxi path or underneath etc. I have one layer of the scenery in KJFK already checked folder. It doesn't make a sense! How to get rid of two taxi line markers? All taxiways are normal one line markers fine. Except for one. See screenshot.




That is sometimes an issue in FSX, probably a bug in both sims
the only way get rid of it is to redraw the taxiway in the opposite direction, but you may find you will chase it all the way down that taxiway, I've usually ended up redrawing the whole taxiway
you will also find the night lighting for that section is exceptionally bright too........................well it is in FSX
make sure you draw from an existing taxiway to another one that exists too and not a dead end


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Yep, deleting and redrawing the taxiway is usually the only solution...

BTW, I have never had this problem in AFCAD, only ADE. So either AFCAD has special code that avoids this FS bug, or it's a bug in ADE.
Read my comments already mentioned twice DELETED. Look Thread prefix "FS2004", not FSX. Now, The third times I deleted for ADE9 only not AFCAD2.21. It doesn't work. It still showing up two lines. It drove me CRAZY! After I read your post, BTW, I will try disconnect from runway exit taxiway connects. I think old AFCAD runway link it may cause problem link confused from old to new ADE possible. I'll let you know afterward result.



It worked now. I deleted then remake new a few taxiways also one from the runway to taxiway B. All is fine now. No more two line markers for now.