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Winter Bushes placed with Annotator

I have finished another airport and am including seasonal ground textures. . .one of which is for hard winter (snow covered). The trees change as they should, however the bushes remain bright green and seriously look out of place. Does anyone know what type of bush should be used for this season? Thanks!
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I would have to check the autogen configuration files, there might be some bush classes that have sessions in them.
If it were possible to 'bury' some autogen trees, they would resemble bushes. Unforunately, I would not know how you can do that with the annotator or scenproc.
I hope to get the answer today. One of the developers on Sim-Outhouse used a set that turns white in hard winter. He's going to check his information and see what set he used. That should correct this. Thanks.
Well, the answer appears to be "no, there aren't any bushes that have seasonal changes". . .in particular, ones that change to a winter appearance. Seems odd, but since I can't be the only one who has the "problem" it appears that everyone else just accepts it and moves on. . .begrudgingly I will do the same.
Hi there,

all of the default autogen vegetation texture sheets are in \Scenery\Global\texture -- file names beginning with "veg_" -- and their names tell you which ones have (hard) winter variations. As you've discovered none of the bush types do. However, there are a couple of tree types that have quite small models, in particular a 3-m model of "mesquite" that might be short enough to work for you. Keep in mind that one can select individual size classes in Annotator as opposed to groupings that tend to have a mix of different sizes.

Last but not least, Luis' visual catalog remains a good reference for how different autogen types appear though he doesn't include seasonal variations: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxsd&DLID=140537

Cheers, Holger
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An additional resource for viewing details of all default scenery objects including their seasonal texture variations is:

FSX Default libraries

...by Lamont Clark (aka "lc0277") now hosted by gratisim.fr :


size: 5.23, 5.07, 4.42


I hope Holger's suggestion eliminates the need to create a custom "Hard Winter" bush scenery object for use as Autogen. :)

Otherwise, if you open the source BGL in MCX:

[FSX install path]\Scenery\Global\scenery\vegetation.bgl

...the suggested object is # 676 / 1352 ;)

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Thank you both (Holger and GaryGB) always a wealth of information. Easily tested as well since I can select a group of current bushed in the annotator, select the new type and load the GUID. . . .swap the old for the new and go have a look-see. Perfect!!!

Conclusion: Even the smallest turns out to be too large. Basically just slightly smaller than a young Cottonwood.
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I'm willing to bet the relatively few 'bushes' seen surrounding the airstrip in the screenshot of your OP could be placed (using the suggested object above), via Instant Scenery, at the desired scale and density while also sunk into the local ground at a minus AGL RefPoint position in Object Properties ...without a significant performance hit, even though it would be done by BGLComp instead of as Autogen. :idea:


But of course one would still be faced with a batch script or other conditional display coding requirement to toggle seasons. :pushpin:


Alternatively you could use MCX Scene Builder to merge groups of the 'bush' objects into "new" scenery library objects with new GUIDs and thereby create derivative meta-objects for use as custom autogen. :coffee:




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But they would not change season when placed via bgl, so autogen would be better I guess.

Adding some new autogen types that have seasons is also not that hard.