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    Forums Running Slow?

    I thought the sight was completely down, but after trying 4 times in an half hour it finally worked;) a Happy New Flying & designing Year! Bert
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    Development Release Uses PV5 Airports

    Thanks for your reply Don. I downloaded it from this link: I did it 2 times and got the same result 2.1.04. Tonight i did it again and now i have 2.1.06 Very strange but I at last it worked:D
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    Development Release Uses PV5 Airports

    Hi Don, I downloaded the latest update (to 2.1.06) but after installation i still got 2.1.04 Any advise? Regards Bert
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    selctive exclusion of addons

    Hi Dick, 1.Did not succeed. 2.I cann't decompile the original bgl, which one i have attached. Dick i hope that you can find the decompiler. Bert
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    selctive exclusion of addons

    Hi Dick, I have the same problem with another FS9 object in a FSX.bgl I have used the same method using SBuilderX, but no luck until now. Please see the attached xml. BTW I cann't load a CITYscenery file into ADE; is that correct? Bert
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    Build your house using SketchUp tutorial

    hi Arno, Sorry this reply is a bit late, but i can report that in the meantime i have downloaded the complete tutorial. Thanks for checking out and ofcourse for the tutorial itself; very helpfull. Regards Bert
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    Happy Birthday Arno

    hi Arno, Van Harte proficiat! Bert
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    Build your house using SketchUp tutorial

    Download link doesn't work hi Arno, I cann't download the Tutorial-PDFfile with the Wiki-link Regards Bert
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    freeware and support for it

    "You start the sim, and then you start the program." And that is what i do for years now with your nice and simple TCalc util. I love it; Thanks Dick:) Bert
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    bgl2xml Help needed

    Very helpfull Gary! Thanks a lot for the advise; i'll certainly will give it a try;)
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    bgl2xml Help needed

    I need some help to de-compile/convert the attacheded BGL-file to a XML-file in order to delete some 3D objects which i want to re-design. and replace. Thanks in advance. Regards Bert
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    Jon, I wish you and your family Good luck :) Kind regards. Bert
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    Autogen Annotator

    ThanX Dick Very helpfull link! Bert
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    Ian Thatcher, (Thatch), R.I.P. 28/08/2010

    Ian I only knew You as Gerrish Gray from your tree enhancement packages; thanks for those. Everything has been said already... My condolences to his family. Goodbye. Bert
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    FSX Landable platform tutorial ?

    Well done José. Thx for your free time spended. Regards Bert