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    swift pilot client looking for developers (unpaid, open source)

    swift pilot client is a free open source pilot client for FSD protocol servers. It supports the following simulators: FSX, FS9, P3D, XPlane, and FlightGear. Further information can be found here: swift is developed in C++/Qt. Currently we are testing our beta...
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    FSX Adding AI rotorcraft

    Is there something special to consider when I add rotorcraft as AI objects using: SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft(m_hSimConnect, modelStringBa.constData(), csBa.constData(), initialPosition, requestId); For no obvious reason all aircraft work, but all rotorcraft (like BELL JETRANGER) fail...
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    P3D v4 COM Unit receiving status (COM TRANSMIT:x COM TEST:1) and volume

    Excellent, that would never had crossed my mind.
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    P3D v4 COM Unit receiving status (COM TRANSMIT:x COM TEST:1) and volume

    I use the below vars to get the status of my COM UNIT - COM status is pretty well explained in the docu - Transmit as well What I cannot figure out is COM TEST, it is always false in my test cases (??? no idea why, testing P3D standard planes) Q1: How can I get the receiving status of a UNIT...
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    How do I handle negative airspeed? DWORD is unsigned, so what do I do for - pushback? - helicopters/VTOL flying backwards? struct SIMCONNECT_DATA_INITPOSITION { double Latitude; // degrees double Longitude; // degrees double Altitude; // feet double Pitch; //...
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    When I get an SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_CREATE_OBJECT_FAILED exception, is there any direct way to get the object id of the failed object (or the request id)? The only way I have found is via the send id.
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    P3D v3 Wheels turn for on ground AI aircraft not moving

    If I place my AI aircraft on ground, gear down, on ground flag set, I see sometimes the wheels turning even though the plane is not moving. Sometimes this is not happening (steady wheels). However, since there is not SimConnect parameter (AFAIK) to switch on/off turning wheel, I wonder what the...
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    FSX Invisible or very small AI object

    Correct, stupid typo, did mean "sim.cfg". Thanks for the hint, will try that
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    FSX Invisible or very small AI object

    In general yes (that means I would be willing to do that), but I have never created one. I was wondering what a minimal SimConnect.cfg sim.cfg would need to look like and whether I need any textures for that. Or is there a possibility to create one entry with 0 dimensions, speeds etc. and no...
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    FSX Invisible or very small AI object

    I want to use an invisible (or very small) AI object in order to obtain its ground elevation. Do you have any idea which AI object I can use for that? Or is there any AI object I can download for that? I want this object to be invisible as I just use it as bogus object (terrain probe) and it is...
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    P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

    Yep, "SimConnect_RequestGroundInfo" works fine
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    P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

    I have found a function "SimConnect_RequestGroundInfo" which does not require an object placed at that very position. I'll give that a trial.
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    [FSX] Question on how to get altitude of coordinates

    I have the same question: Can I get the code of sim_probe somewhere? The above link is dead. What AI aircraft is used, ideally the AI aircraft / object is invisible?
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    P3D v4 Change view via simConnect (to AI view)

    In P3D I can follow AI aircraft by changing to a view which follows the plane. Can I open such a view / switch to that view via SimConnect. Ideally I would be able able to retrieve all view names, search them in my code and the select it FSX/P3D.
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    P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

    I need to obtain the scenery's ground elevation at a given position (latitude/longitude). I found the following thread here: Obviously the only way is to create a dummy AI object and...