P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

I need to obtain the scenery's ground elevation at a given position (latitude/longitude). I found the following thread here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/t...et-altitude-of-coordinates.19344/#post-127891 Obviously the only way is to create a dummy AI object and obtain the ground elevation at its location.
  1. Is there any better way, maybe something newer which does not require a bogus AI aircraft?
  2. What would be the an appropriate AI aircraft, which does not require an AI to be installed (like an invisible AI aircraft)
Getting the ground value from an AI aircraft is possible, the question is how to make that AI object invisible to it is not shown among the other AI.
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P3D v4 provides simconnect calls to obtain ground elevation at any point.
I have found a function "SimConnect_RequestGroundInfo" which does not require an object placed at that very position. I'll give that a trial.
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