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    Live Flight Data - Realtime data logging tool

    Wow! By the bye, welcome to the forums :) That looks like a very useful tool indeed. I am going to be trying it out asap! Thank you for a great freeware tool. Pat☺
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    FSX default weather

    Just a heads up: FSRealWX will keep on working after 30 days. It will just be a limited version. Very similar to FSUIPC. If you pay before the 30 day time limit, you get all the "bells and whistles". ALL the features are available and functional. If you don't, many of the advanced features and...
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    P3D v4 VTOL function by Flap Setting (no gauge)

    Also, if you notice, there is a heading in the plane's aircraft.cfg that is quite useful for what you're trying to accomplish. The heading is [Flaps.n] where n is the number indicating just which flap the information is for. Like [flaps.1] could be the ones on the inside of the wing (closest to...
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    P3D v4 What would cause Airplane to boot up into P3D V4 with mixture off?

    A thought, that often clears up trouble like this: Exit the sim first. Go into your sims .cfg file, such as FSX.cfg for example, find the heading [USERINTERFACE] . Under that is the line SITUATION= .Simply delete any and everything after the equals sign (=) . Save the file off, and restart the...
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    Weird Looking Edge Light.

    Sauron is watching youuuuu... o_O:oops::yikes:
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    So long Bombardier jets..............

    They use the white wire so the Tech Reps can tell the techs "I know what the problem is. It's the white wire!" I kid you not. That's what the Westinghouse Tech Rep told us when I was in the Corps. He didn't like it either, though. Not a one of them was labeled in any way, either. Not in...
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    LVar - have I got this code right? (SOLVED )

    Hi, Deano, I don't know a bloody thing about working with .mdl files and MCX, although I am obviously going to have to learn sooner or later. Having said that, I've been working with Jimi and the guys at the FSDT FSX Blue Angels team on their awesome F/A-18C, for FSX. I've been working on adding...
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    FSXA MD Helicopters MD500D/MD500E

    Since the loss of the Hovercontrol site, a lot of models have been lost. There were a number of FS9 MD500's that had been modded to FSx, several of them by Peter Nemeth himself. Including the gauges. I don't know if any are still available out there but they may be. Try checking with Mr...
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    P3D v4 Wondering how to make these leather pockets...

    Sounds like my body...:rolleyes: Yeah, took me years to get it just right. ;) Looks like it's coming along, LionHeart. Thanks for a good teaching tool you provided for others to create such a thing in their plane. Pat☺
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    Underslung Loads P3D v 4.5

    [base] throttle=60 menu_shortcut=shift+j confdir=conf.d [formation.0] title=pallet_of_Boxes_sm plus other unit.0=pallet_of_Boxes_sm, 0, -15 unit.1=pallet_of_Boxes_sm, 0, 15 unit.2=pallet_of_Boxes_sm, 15, 0 unit.3=crated_cylinder_sm, -15, 0 unit.4=fuel_bladder_sm, 15, 15 unit.5=fuel_bladder_sm...
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    Underslung Loads P3D v 4.5

    [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] station_name.0 = "Crew" station_name.1 = "Rear Gunner" station_name.2 = "Cargo" station_load.0 = 300, 11.000, 0.000, 0.000 //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet) station_load.1 = 246, -10.000, 0.000, 0.000...
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    Underslung Loads P3D v 4.5

    A great bunch of info on making an aircraft sling/hoist capable : Sling/Hoist loads Sldo, just a HU: AICarriers is quite capable of creating loads for your aircraft to pick up, carry, place elsewhere, etc. I find it much easier to use than the "Saved Flight" scenario. Just my opinion. You can...
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    FSX:SE Sound Effects Through Smoke Effects?

    Glad I could help out! Good luck to you :D Pat☺
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    FSX:SE Sound Effects Through Smoke Effects?

    Just as a quick example, check lines 12-17 in the following [Smoke] section, utilized in the FSXBA F/A-18. Thought it might be of interest as an example of using the [Smoke] portion of the aircraft.cfg to call sounds out: [SMOKESYSTEM] smoke.0= -14.00, 0.00, 0.00, fx_dummy smoke.1=...
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    P3D v4 Technique for testing/checking textures while painting newer aircraft

    There's a small problem when using the "Reload_User_Aircraft" key command, which, BTW, I use frequent;y: You MUST have ALL forms of AI turned off. Ships, Ground vehicles, aircraft, you name it, it's got to be off. If you don't do that, there's an increasing probability that it won't update one...