3d models

  1. Fischkopp

    A swimming easter egg more

    Here is a little surprise for Easter and the #stayhome. Now the next ship - or better the ships - of the German Navy are ready, too. Thea are the 3 frigates of the 124 class. These are the "Saxony", the "Hamburg" and the "Hessen". The ships sail on 15 routes around the globe and can be...
  2. J

    Volumetric Grass showing when I'm closer to it.

    Hello, guys. Maybe this could be very easy solution to some of you, but I really need your help, if possible. I have created .bgl file of the volumetric grass I need for my airport. It fits almost perfect in some areas. The problem is there, It gets more and more invisible as i'm getting far...
  3. kevinmdavis2010

    FSX:SE Google Sketchup (Major Problem)!

    Hey all, As I've mentioned, I've been working on creating an airport that is technically a hospital (WS03 in Milwaukee), over the last few weeks. On the ADE and MCX end, everything is working fantastically, for which I thank all of you that have provided insight! Now, I'm working on creating...
  4. T

    Merging 2 model into 1 interior model

    Hello guys, i am new to FSX SDK and i i made a 3d cabin model in gmax, i want to merge that into the virtual cockpit of default A321, how can i do that? also i want to copy both wing into interior model, is there any model source of default a321 so i can add my cabin into the mdl file? Thanks you
  5. V

    New paid project - Modeler + Texture artists needed

    We are looking for talented modeler and texture artist to build and texture 3D buildings for various airfields. This is paid work. Please PM me. Note that we will require some example files / snapshots of previous work.