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Hey all,
As I've mentioned, I've been working on creating an airport that is technically a hospital (WS03 in Milwaukee), over the last few weeks. On the ADE and MCX end, everything is working fantastically, for which I thank all of you that have provided insight! Now, I'm working on creating some landmarks by the hospital - such as a historic water tower that is way more detailed than the stock ones as well as a few houses in the immediate vicinity of the hospital. Unfortunately, on platforms such as this site as well as YouTube, the desktop application for Sketchup is portrayed , which no longer exists - only the web version :(. It looks nothing like the original program, plus you can't do anything to customize the models you've made, or export them without paying $695 for the non-web version! The water tower I'm referring to is the North Point Tower in Milwaukee, which looks nothing like any of the stock models, and will require customization. I've looked at other programs for building designs, but the only one I've found is Blender, which really doesn't offer much customization. Are there any reasonably-priced programs similar to Sketchup that I could use to make models like this?
Kevin Davis
Hi Kevin:

Indeed, as Doug indicates above, the pre-2018 desktop version of Sketchup is alive and well, and freely downloadable. ;)

FYI: Sketchup version-8 (32-bit) is the last version allowed to be used for both freeware and commercial purposes without a license and/or making a 'digitally logged' online declaration of intended non-commercial use.

The original Sketchup version-8 package is the 'fastest' working build compared to newer "Make" or 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 and/or 64-bit versions, and can be downloaded here:


BTW: AFAIK, that is the last issued and most current updated Sketchup version 8 released:


NOTE: Sketchup version-8 can run on Windows-XP if desired, although some (optional) plugin Ruby scripts may use DLLs that require more recent Windows component functions, and some dialog GUIs may require newer versions of Internet Explorer.

PS: AFAIK, Trimble discontinued Geolocation after May 2017 in all but the latest payware versions of Sketchup. :alert:

A work-around for the Geo-location feature in non-payware versions of Sketchup are discussed here: :idea:




BTW: Free plugin Ruby scripts fully-compatible with Sketchup version-8 out-number those available for later versions, and nearly all features of the payware versions of Sketchup are made possible by use of such free plugins, often with improvements or enhancements beyond that of the original feature in the payware version..

Some particularly useful plugins are discussed in these threads:


Hope this helps ! :)

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Hi Kevin:

AFAIK, "OldApps" web site packages are reportedly allowed to be distributed by the publishers of the various original applications.

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Along with what Gary has said... (except for the speed) the top 2 links of the thread mentioned are from the developer's site....
I agree with Doug that it would be a good idea to archive copies of older (pre-2018) Sketchup desktop version installers in case Trimble takes them offline. ;)