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  1. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Animations and Conditions

    Hi! At this point I would like to share my experiences about animations that can be controlled by conditions. This should only be the beginning, the hope is that many new and good ideas will emerge from it :) Let's take a hunter's hide as an example. The hunter's hide has two animations...
  2. Y

    MSFS gear animation don't work in sim | please help

    I'm working on an aircraft and now I'm got to the part of wheels animation. I did the animation in blender and it does not work for me in the sim. <Component ID="GEARS"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GEAR_Center_Template"> <ANIM_NAME>GEAR_Center </ANIM_NAME> </UseTemplate> </Component> I put all...
  3. Jay Bloomfield

    MSFS Animations built in to the model vs. glTF animation file

    In the MSFS SDK, the Simple Aircraft sample has the animations included as part of the model and those animations are visible in MCX Animation Editor. The Bears and Airport Vehicles samples have the animations as separate glTF files. What is the advantage of the latter approach to animations? I...
  4. C

    MSFS msfs cant find animation in my model

    Newbie question: I've created a radar tower for my scenery and I have to get the radar to turn as seen here: blender render of radar tower but when I put the model into Msfs this is what I get: and this is the xml for the radar tower: and this is the model name with the animation: anyone...
  5. Losco Nosciuto

    MSFS Weather Station animation

    Good afternoon gents! I've been fiddling around with Blender today and I decided to create my first SimObject. it is a Weather Station I've looked at the sample Windsock and since I know nothing about programming or XMLs, I got mentally stuck. I created an NLA track with my Animation (360...
  6. chxry

    P3D Aircraft Developer

    I'm in a team making a study level A350 for P3DV5 and possibly FS2020. We have some models, textures and sounds currently although we need someone who has developed with the P3D SDK already to help us with getting it into the sim and making things like panels and systems work. We are currently...
  7. D

    Modelling and animation

    Hi all guys, I've already tried to look for this kind of "problem" but I didn't manage to find a thread about this. I'm just getting into modelling and animation for P3D v4.4 and I use Blender 2.82 with MCX 1.4.0. I already managed to put 3d object into already existing planes butI got some...
  8. Deano1973

    Visibility tags breaking animations - solution!

    Hi folks, While working in Blender, using Blender2FSX, I came across a solution to an oft-found problem where adding visibility conditions ( in my case, weapons and their pylons ) would break animations ( in my case, the catapult launch bar ). In brief, the solution was that all...