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  1. D

    MSFS WASM module exception calling fclose()

    First of all, let me clarify that I am a complete newbie in coding in C++. I'm creating a WASM module (it's not a gauge), with a very very simple logging to a text file. void ModLog(void) { FILE* logfile = fopen("\\work\\mylogfile.log", "a"); fprintf(logfile, "%s \n", debugtext)...
  2. T

    MSFS How to send this LVAR?

    Hi, i would like to send this LVAR (>L:SWS_LIGHTING_Switch_Light_Landing, Enum) to Simconnect which should turn off the Landing Lights of the Simworks Studios Kodiak Quest 100, however even after extensive search i just did not make any progress so far. When i google for "WASM" or "sending...
  3. M

    P3D v4 Camera View in C++ Gauge

    I’m still new to C++ gauge programming but wondering how you embed camera views (similar to using <texture name=“…> in XML) into a C++ gauge? The eventual output will be a FLIR type gauge in a 2D or VC gauge. Ive looked through the wiki and not found anything obvious apart from the texture and...
  4. Deano1973

    C++ / WASM programmer required ( Position Filled )

    DC Designs has a ( small ) job for somebody who can program C++ and compile into WASM for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is a single gauge that performs a single function based on an available Avar - probably very easy for somebody with the skills. PM me if you're interested. DCD
  5. Max_Kaptelkin

    MSFS Searching Guys who can help launch the airplane

    in connection with the development of a pair of very interesting aircraft for the simulator. We are looking for guys who can help us implement the work of instruments and animation, as well as flight dynamics. Send all contacts to mail or private messages maxcloud13@inbox.ru
  6. B

    FSX:SE Taking a Screenshot

    I have tried taking automated screenshots of FSX:SE several different ways in my C++ program. The automated screenshot is supposed to take place after I set several flight variables through SimConnect such that I can take a screenshot of those gauges at those positions for use elsewhere. I have...
  7. M

    MSFS Reading Cockpit Camera Position/offset

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to read the camera position when in the cockpit view mode, or the offset of the camera from default view (xyz)? There are some camera simvars vaguely mentioned in the SDK but no real information is provided. I'd like to read the 'head' position of the...
  8. Quazzy

    (fixed) c++ simconnect overriding sim provided simvars

    Attempting to set RECIP ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE:1 , but it simply is not setting, even though the debug cout<< is running I can see that the SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject function is working, so the problem has to be from another part of the code no? If someone can help me find the issue that...
  9. Quazzy

    MSFS WASM c++ WASM: Failed to load module (not found in the VFS)

    Getting this strange WASM: Failed to load module (not found in the VFS) from the console when trying to load the WASM. I'm not even sure what "VFS" so I was unable to do my own research for the most part.
  10. Quazzy

    SimConnect in WASM? SimConnect.H DWORD error

    I'm attempting to use simConnect to control plane variables within a WASM module, but I keep getting these DWORD errors. I know a standard solution to solve DWORD would be to #include windows.h, but windows.h just comes up as missing for some reason, even after I link it and rebuild solution...
  11. F

    MSFS Need help with SimVars in MFS2020

    Hello. I've been developing software that needs to track the plane data from the sim, and I've been having some issues getting the correct values for the SimVars from the sim. My program is in C++ (though I mainly do C-styled coding because it's all I really know. I haven't been able to find...
  12. Quazzy

    Setting simVars C++

    Having troubles finding how to set simVars that are not in the EVENT_ID'S (http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/utilities/variables/event_ids.html). I am wanting to set the "RECIP ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE:1" which is classified as settable in the simVars documentation...
  13. Quazzy

    Constantly update console using c++ (msfs2020 SimConnect)

    I'm trying to constantly update the console number related to altitude. At the moment its a static number, and does not update while the plane is gaining, or loosing altitude. There is a comment near the bottom of the text referring to the prinf() that im using to send it to console(not sure...
  14. T

    MSFS [SOLVED] VS C++ generate .wasm.recipe instead of .wasm

    Hi, I can't find answer of my problem anywhere else, so i hope anyone here can explain me how to generate a .wasm from my VS. It should create .wasm file as the configuration type is set correctly. But the generation result in this .wasm.recipe file And this happen no matter what project...
  15. KO Zone

    Aircraft Coding Developers Wanted

    Hi All! We at AB Simulations are looking to actively grow our team and expand! We are looking for coding developers with: Experience in C++ and C# Experience with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D SDKs and PDKs Experience with GDI+ Experience with coding applications for windows We provide benefits...
  16. delivery guy

    SDK C++ developers please help with question

    I have a friend who can write C++ really good for flight sims writing Flight Management Systems. But he has no clue on how to communicate with the sim to write a pushback tug tool. I was wondering if someone knows of a resource site or page where there is some type of connect code like...
  17. M

    Starting aircraft in Cold and Dark

    Hi to all, does anyone know which is the correct way to manage simulation begin in "cold & dark" situation (all electrical powers and engine off, plus additional requirements for a specific aircfraft, such as flaps down)? I'm programming the aircraft using custom C++ Gauges (no xml gauges)...
  18. E

    FSX Gauge does not load

    Hello experts, I have developed a version of EasyFMC for Mobile, which can be used on smartphones, tablets or any other device that can run a web browser. This product uses a gauge called "Data Collector Gauge" that must be defined in the panel.cfg, an invisible gauge that reads the sim...
  19. RED COOL

    P3D v4 DLL addons logic ?

    Hello i made some addons with the simconnect api, only EXE addons i saw that some people use DLLs and i just wanted to know the DLL logic in P3D and is it just for C++ how will P3D know which class to run and will he run it for ever ? is there any way that the DLL be built in C# ? in the SDK...
  20. J

    SimConnect functions error "too many arguments" and 737NGX does not respond to Data Change Events

    Hello Simmers and Developers. After 2 years im now back in the flight simulation world. And I try now to build my own "small" homecockpit for my favourite aircraft the PMDG 737NGX. After searching for SDK for the NGX i found out really fast that the PMDG delivers SDK. So I downloaded Visual...