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  1. M

    MSFS Help Modifying Runway Materials

    I've watched the basic tutorials on creating custom textures, lines, etc. and that all seems easy enough. I would like to create a custom version of the default runway asphalt included in the sim. Since I discovered I can't colorize it I figured I'd copy the DDS file and modify it. But when I...
  2. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Regarding the ASOBO A320 [A320NEO_AIRFRAME_RIBBONS_ALBD.PNG] [solved]

    Hello, I don't think this is a technical question for a problem, yet I wonder if someone has the time to answer this question. I placed rivets on the A320NEO_AIRFRAME_RIBBONS_ALBD.PNG but do not appear in the sim. Even after trying to change the values in the .JSON file for the...
  3. S

    MSFS Question about 16/8 bit and DDS file type and it's size

    Hello. I've tried to search but seems the search funktion doesn't let me search for dds file size, it tells me it would be too short (only looks for dds). Yesterday I came around some, for me, weird behavior with the size of a dds file after the png got converted to dds. Before I had a chat...
  4. Kiartz

    Enormous .DDS after Build Package the second time!

    Hi Guys! I've a big problem with my Scenery Package! The .DDS file are very very big :oops:! I've made some test but I can't undestand... I explayn you... - I've import in ModelLib folder my Object with 3 texture, one at 8192x8192 and the others 2 at 4096. -Clean All -Build All - This is the...
  5. A

    DDS parameters in GIMP

    Hi, Recently I upgrade my pc, then I downloaded the last GIMP, it now that have to export dds format. I don't know that parameters use there, any idea? this flip automatically the image? Is best use DXTBmp? I searched here, but not much info about...
  6. M

    P3D v4 Purple artifacts when converting PSD to DDS - help, please!

    I am creating my VC textures in Photoshop for an add-on that I'm developing. When I convert my textures to DDS, I get purple artifacts all over the texture and they really show up in P3D. Here are a couple of screenshots from Photoshop. Sample_01 shows the PSD: Sample_02 shows the same...
  7. W

    FSX Coders needed!

    Hi, Im back again. I am currently in need of some coders to help code effects for fsx. If you are interested please PM me. Thanks.
  8. W

    Recruiting for DDS!

    Dot Dot Simulations are currently recruiting modelers, designers and Coders! Please inform me on this forum if you wish to join. For more information about what we will be working on please Private message me. Thanks
  9. Ridvan Celik

    P3D v4 Saved DDS textures appear lighter

    Hi, I've run into this problem recently which I've never come across before. Once i add the alpha channel and save the texture it appears as attached? I couldn't figure out what the problem is after searching around. Any help is appreciated. Regards