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  1. FoxtrotScenery

    Elevation Editor v0.1.0 alpha

    This tool allows you to convert a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) raster image to Microsoft Flight Simulator Rectangle objects with heightmaps. It's a very early work in progress and expect bugs to be present. PM me for questions and or bug reports. Instructions: Open a georeferenced DEM...
  2. C

    Make photoreal follow ground elevation

    Maybe a bit of a stupid question, but I was wondering if it's possible to make photoreal follow the ground elevation. Right now it's completely flat and not following the earth curvature which causes some issues with aircraft wheels "sinking" through it. Maybe we did something wrong in our...
  3. R

    Creating Airport - Elevation Issues

    I Hope someone can help I am creating my first UK Airfield Bodmin EGLA. I am using the simple airport tutorial. I have the airfield exactly how I want lining up and positioning all the buildings in the right place. I save the scenery. Then put the package in the my community folder. Restart...
  4. K

    MSFS Taxi Point Elevation

    Hi again, It's been a whole decade since I've posted here or worked on any scenery projects. MSFS lured me back, and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. Using the MSFS SDK Scenery Editor I've begun creating my hometown airport over from scratch (I wish we could edit instead of nuking...
  5. gayanll

    P3D v4 Plateau Issue with Custom mesh

    So im making a scenery for this small airport and i created a custom mesh too. In default p3d airport elevation is 300m, but in real life its 192m. i corrected that in ADE and added an Exclusion polygon in ADE too when i load airport WITHOUT custom mesh file all okey, with airport altitude is...
  6. K

    Elevation difference between p3dv3 and p3dv4

    I'm modelling a little airport and I've run into an issue. I can't get simdirector to load the catalog in p3dv4 (yes I've tried disabling my ALL of my addon sceney, it still never loads the catalog) so I've been using simdirector in p3dv3. I place my 3d objects with simdirector > export from...
  7. Albi

    How to edit terrain?

    I want to edit a terrain region in FSX, its a tabletop airport and I want to have slopes. Default airport is totally flat. I tried elevation and flattening but it makes it to look like a step, not a slanted slope.
  8. Pablo R.

    FSX Help with airport elevations

    Hello, I have a problem with elevations in the airport I'm developing. It's an airfield that is not included by default, so I have to make it from scratch. As it's in the middle of the countryside, there are little elevation variations and when I try to place the runway with Instant Scenery it...
  9. Pablo R.

    FSX How can I make "Physical" objects?

    Hello, I want to know how to make a real "Physical" object for FSX, that is actually there and where the airctaft can go over and NOT trough. I want to make a runway that way, so the aircraft actually rolls over it. Because if I use custom Ground Polygons, I have problems because the Runway...