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  1. I

    P3D v4 [ Solved ] Ground poly from 3ds Max use Ground poly Wizard Disappear at edge of sceen

    Here is my little project of VTCL Lampang airport Thailand. Now I working on ground poly, I model it from 3ds Max and export it as .X and then use MCX ground polygon wizard covert it to .BGL Here is my video any ideas? Thank!!
  2. Davide Ferrara

    Ground Poly Devloper (paid job)

    Hi, i'm looking for a P3D dev to develop the gound poly for my new project! Requirements are : Full knowledge of PBR for P3D v4.5 Working with 3DS max and the native SDK for P3D v4.5 PBR ground poly using the new materials We are looking for hight level of details like FlyTampa, FlightBeam...

    P3D v4 P3D native ground polygon

    I've been using the MCX ground poly wizard in every scenery I made but this time I wanna make Native GP to be able to work with PBR in real time and save time so if I finish my model and layers, should I export it to MDL and apply the earth curvature correction or I can just export the Library...
  4. xirsir

    P3D v4 Making SCASM (.sca) Ground Polys Work in v4 - Help!!

    Silly me posted this on Reddit first until someone suggested FSDeveloper. The reason I mention this is because as you can see I'm quite concealed about which scenery this is and I'm blanking out names on pictures as you don't know what crazy individual you're likely to find on Reddit, I'll...
  5. Bulent Eroglu

    P3D v4 why doesn't the gp line up properly and make triangles ?

    I got some problems that I am willing to fixed so that i could process forward and finish this project. as shown on the images everything appears normal in model converter x and sketchup but when i open the simulator and take a look at it from top it doesn't look right at all. Texture wise...
  6. F

    P3D v4 Ground poly not visible at certain zoom level

    ive been developing WMKP scenery for p3dv3 as it is almost 90% completed.Then i upgrade to v4 and realized that the ground poly made for v3 is not visible at all.Then by using the latest ADE and ModelconverterX i tried to compile the ground poly bgl and update the afcad of the airport.The ground...
  7. Pablo R.

    FSX How can I make "Physical" objects?

    Hello, I want to know how to make a real "Physical" object for FSX, that is actually there and where the airctaft can go over and NOT trough. I want to make a runway that way, so the aircraft actually rolls over it. Because if I use custom Ground Polygons, I have problems because the Runway...

    P3D v4 How to make asphalt bump on top of other GP texture layers?

    Hi, Can anyone suggest how to make the asphalt bump to be on top of all other texture on ground poly as in the image? Thank you, Manochvarma Raman
  9. Bownsy105

    P3D v4 [SOLVED] No Transparency on ground polys.

    I'm attempting to get some ground polys into P3D, however I cannot seem to get any tranprency working. (The black should be transparent) I used photoshop to export the textures to DXT5. When I open the textures in DXT1 Bitmap the Alpha channel is clearly intact. I attempted to convert the...

    FSX:SE Hide surface draw in simulator

    Hi, I am trying to hide the apron and taxi link surface in the FSX. I have unselect the "Draw surface" and "Draw Detail" button but i can see the surface in FSX. In P3D v4, it is hidden. Hope someone can help me. Thanks, Manochvarma Raman

    FSXA How to set correct texture resolution for Ground Poly?

    Hi there, I am trying to map texture to my airport runway ground poly using blender. What i found in the sim is, the texture creates too many tiles on the runway and it doesn't look nice. If i reduce the UV unwrap scale, the visibility of rocks in the runway are too strong. If i increase the...
  12. G

    P3D v4 GP and custom ground lines

    Hello guys, I decided to split this thread: into two sepparate ones for more clarity. Here is my problem: I have opened a small FSX:SE default ARP within ADE (e.g. LRTR) and fixed some of the wrong or missing...
  13. G

    P3D v4 Terrain flattening at LPMA (and GP)

    Hello guys, I'm also new to Airport Design and I think the newest member in this forum. So hello to all. We all know about the issues at LPMA (Madeira). The airport sits on a wrong elevation ~400ft to high. This was only "partially" annoying since the surrounding terrain is also kind of wrong...
  14. David Hilker

    P3D v3 P3D Groundpolygons / Shadows

    Hello guys, I hope you can help me. I am kind of stuck with my groundpolys. I tried to do it the P3D way added the zBias to the materials, exported the model and loaded it into MCX GPW: The result is perfectly fine BUT I do not have shadows: When searching for groundpolygons and shadows...
  15. B

    Multiple texture photoreal ground poly?

    Hi Everyone, I wonder if someone could help guide me in the right direction for this. I am looking to make a photorealistic ground poly for my airport background but I would like my satellite textures to be split up in 1024x1024 textures so they are smaller and easier to work with and can...
  16. Amir Parsian

    White ground texture

    Hi gentlemen, I recently gave up on Gmax and switched to 3DS now I'm facing some issue which I believe I haven't experienced before with Gmax. As you may see in the attached shot whenever I choose "Blinn" my ground textures turn to white in MCX and it doesn't show up in the Sim(There is no...
  17. Chris04

    Southwest Florida International Airport

    Work has started on the airport in Ft Myers. This will be AceWindDesigns first FREEWARE scenery. It took a long time before determining if we should go through with it. So far we have a team of two guys working on the important elements of the airport. Our goal is to make an eye popping HD...
  18. Chris04

    FSX Make apron transparent/invisible

    This question has probably been asked a couple of times, but I have not found a solution yet. I am trying to place some aprons all around the airport, generally were the taxiways are. So I finished editing the AFCAD for KRSW in ADE, and added a test apron to see if I could do this. I was told...
  19. Chris04

    I need to fix this

    Hey everyone. I have been working around this problem, and avoiding it quite frequently, so I have finally decided to fix it. I've been building a few taxiways in Blender. Then converting them to a .dae file. After that I import it into ModelConverterX and apply all the textures and exporting...
  20. A

    FSX Ground Poly Copying the Terrain Mesh

    Hello, I am twisting my head around the following issue... with no success so far: I am aware that the usual way of creating a ground poly requires also the elevation of the ground poly which is supposed to lie on a flatten poly. However... Is it possible to create a ground poly that would...