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ground poly

  1. N

    Add Realistic Satellite Imagery As Ground Texture

    Hi all, Hope you're all having a good time. I am having an issue with my airport where I have no ground polygons or anything besides the basic runways and taxiways, etc for the airport, yet when it is imported into P3D, it still replaces the ground around my airport with the default unrealistic...
  2. O

    Correct settings for exporting a projected mesh/ground poly with blender addon

    Does anyone here know the correct setting for exporting projected meshes? I know everything has to be joined into one object or make parents, but some layers are exported with a different scale and orientation.
  3. Jaxcksn

    MSFS Ground Polygon Alignment Issues

    Hi everyone, I’d figure I’d go here to ask for some help with some finicky ground polygons. Basically, whenever I am creating the ground polygons overtop my reference image (which is projected in WGS 84 / Psuedo-Merc like the bing maps imagery) it looks fine in the 3D modeling software, but...
  4. Terrainy-Studios

    MSFS MSFS - Scenery Developer/Ground Poly Designer

    About Terrainy Studios We are a design company specializing in Flight Simulation focused on delivering the highest quality simulations of real world environments and aircraft. Job Details You will be responsible for developing Ground Polygons of various sizes for different airports around the...
  5. O

    Best way to create ground polygons for MSFS

    What is the best way to create ground polygons for MSFS. (Lines, tire marks, etc) then insert them as projected mesh?
  6. O

    MSFS Best way to create ground polygons for MSFS

    What is the best way to create ground polygons for MSFS. (Lines, tire marks, etc) then insert them as projected mesh?
  7. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS blurry-trembling, jagged, stretched, twisted, wavy texture maps in MSFS with custom ground poly as ProjectMesh

    Hi all, Piece by piece I've been exporting my airport to MSFS via MCX export. Everything is normal so far except that I've been noticing jagged, wavy, and trembling textures in several areas of the ground poly and building ceiling textures. I wonder what can cause this? Textures seem to stretch...
  8. SNJ_Shiizo

    P3D v4 Small lines crossing ground poly imagery

    Hello, I made this satellite ground poly but I don't know how to be ride of those small line crossing the scenery. I tried some things like change number of tiles or remove the slice polygone option in MCX but it didn't work. any idea?
  9. P

    [P3DV4] Ground poly flickering

    Hi, i am making an airport which then cause my ground poly to flicker. I have no idea why this happens. I have set my layers, flatten them with autogen, set my MCX altitude same as ADE. but none is working. I have attached an image of my MCX settings. Please take a look. I can't continue with...
  10. A

    I want to analyze ORBX ground polys and water bgls

    Hi, So I have been working on an airport (Astoria) and it has very similar autogen as orbx KHQM. They also include a custom water bgl that references their water texture. How can I open and analyze these files? I tried ADE and MCX already. By the way , I will not be sharing this scenery , it is...
  11. Jason z

    FSX Reduce flickering of ground polys

    Is there any way of optimizing custom ground polys (especially taxiway lines etc) so that when viewed from afar/at an angle the flicker/aliasing is reduced/less noticeable? My own ground poly seem to flicker more easily than default and ADE ground polys. Is this because the textures are too...
  12. Apoorv Pal

    Methodology for Ground Polygons

    Hey, I have recently begun developing airport sceneries for Prepar3D and I use Blender to model and export the objects. While working on the Ground Polygons, what process do you follow for the texturing? Most tutorials I see online use tiling of base textures (asphalt/concrete and cracks) over...
  13. V

    P3D v4 Abnormal terrain

    Hi, I've been trying to develop a scenery for VABB. I am a complete newbie. So far I managed to draw a base asphalt layer and add just one taxi line (for testing purposes) in blender. From blender I export to collada, then using MCX's GPW I create a bgl. When I place it in the sim, it appear...
  14. RED COOL

    Sloped airports Ground Polygons

    Hello I'm wondering how can we make GP for sloped airports, I mean GPs are 3D objects flattened to the ground and sloped airports do not have a flat ground geometry which makes me think about how can we apply creatures to our GPs? note that every user has his own mesh settings and mesh files...
  15. B

    ADE Ground poly displaying weirdly

    Hey, I have a little with ground poly, which I wanted to use to do gate markings. I have a 1024*1024 file with a lot of numbers and I have selected one for the poly : And it display like this in the sim : I have attached the project + the texture so you can see. Hope it is resovable ;)...
  16. H

    P3D v4 Strange problem with Ground Poly

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with a ground poly that I made in blender here I attached the images of the problem and here are more images of model converter x This error only happens when you arrive at the airport from another airport, but when you start a new flight everything is...
  17. Walter Almaraz

    Looking for advice to create skids

    Hello, I've been working on a new airport for SLLP in GMAX, at this moment I did this: Of course, one detail that I wasn't possible to achieve are the skids. It took me about a couple of hours trying and error but still no luck. For example, looking in Google Maps, the skids looks like this...
  18. M

    Ground polygon not physical

    Hi! I try to make a basic ground polygon with only one texture. I made it in Blender, exported in collada (.dae), then in modelconverter x I exported it into .mdl, then with the ground polygon wizard I exported the mdl to bgl. After it, I put it into my airport scenery with texture of course. I...
  19. I

    P3D v4 [ Solved ] Ground poly from 3ds Max use Ground poly Wizard Disappear at edge of sceen

    Here is my little project of VTCL Lampang airport Thailand. Now I working on ground poly, I model it from 3ds Max and export it as .X and then use MCX ground polygon wizard covert it to .BGL Here is my video any ideas? Thank!!
  20. Davide Ferrara

    Ground Poly Devloper (paid job)

    Hi, i'm looking for a P3D dev to develop the gound poly for my new project! Requirements are : Full knowledge of PBR for P3D v4.5 Working with 3DS max and the native SDK for P3D v4.5 PBR ground poly using the new materials We are looking for hight level of details like FlyTampa, FlightBeam...