1. Matteo07

    FSX terrain under photoreal problem

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a photoreal scenery with SBuilderX v.313, but there are some problems. The first is that under my photoreal there is the FSX default island. The second is that I added polygons to do some montains in this island but this doesn't work well. You can see there that I...
  2. DirectDani

    FSEarthTiles = How should i do this properly?

    So basically, i have a project of this island located not far from Coepnahegn and Malmö. I have sharpened the Ground texture a bit, and i could also do a bit of colorgrading. But i really wanna know what type of masking or blending colours i need to use for this one. ( As shown on second picture...
  3. thokle

    P3D v4 GVBA Boa Vista for FSX/P3D

    Hello guys, we Cédrice, Cleidir, Marc and myself like to present you our common project - GVBA Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands. The project has been started back in 2015, but it stuck a few times because of the lack of material and limited time. What to expect? 620 km² of 40cm/px photoscenery...