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  1. S

    ADE20 configuration error

    Bonjour Lors de la recherche d’un aéroport en stock, cette erreur s’affiche : Pouvez-vous m’aider à configurer mon ADE20 ? Merci Sincèrement Yves
  2. S

    Problem with custom textures.

    In edit mode we can see custom markings and custom painted lines, but when I build project, load this scenery to MFS2020, and start this scenery in simulator, the scene has no custom lines and custom markings. Console when building does not give errors.
  3. A

    How to clear the ground in mfs2020?

    Hi. Do you know how I can level the terrain in mfs2020? That it would not be so folded
  4. A

    Export Blender to mfs2020. PROBLEM

    hey i have a big problem. I can't put my blender building in mfs. It has all the files (as you can see in the screenshot) I will add that I tried to add a smaller building earlier and it worked
  5. Davide Ferrara

    MSFS Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR)

    The product will be for MFS only right now, and it will feature: Highly accurate recreation of Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR) Highly detailed models of airport terminals, hangars, buildings and airport vehicles Accurate taxiway and runways (2021 layout) Accurate terrain and runway profile...
  6. D

    bridge taxiway over water

    Hello, I'm try to improve the airport of Macau VMMC, which use a bridge for taxiway over water. for testing I have design a quick possible bridge in blender and import the object in FS2020 SDK. my plan was place the 3dObject of the bridge and try to place the taxiway path on top... but...
  7. M

    Model Bug

    hello there, when I import a model from blender the SDK import it with the wrong proportion as some objects, not in the right place, and some are flipped!! screenshot
  8. HypePerformanceGroup

    MSFS Increase ground traffic beyond stock values?

    Hi, is there a config file where we can increase density beyond 100 as limited in the menu?
  9. kevinmdavis2010

    MSFS Liveries

    Good morning, I'm interested in designing custom liveries for some of the default GA aircraft (C152, C172, etc). I've looked online for hours for tutorials, and it seems like the only thing I can find is how to make liveries for airliners. Is there a method for making custom liveries for GA...
  10. F

    MSFS Need help with SimVars in MFS2020

    Hello. I've been developing software that needs to track the plane data from the sim, and I've been having some issues getting the correct values for the SimVars from the sim. My program is in C++ (though I mainly do C-styled coding because it's all I really know. I haven't been able to find...
  11. MoMadenU

    FSXControls for MFS2020?

    This is the website: https://sites.google.com/site/fsxcontrols/Home Tried email but it bounced. Mr(s) developer if you are out there, do you plan to produce a version of it for MFS2020? Thanks Dana
  12. K

    MSFS New model not being imported after adding it to a existing project

    So my problem is basically that I already made a scenery with a building and I compiled it, then I created 4 models more and paste them in the modelLib folder but when I load the project the new models are not displaying. Am I missing something?
  13. BlueMesh

    Airport Completed for me ( ADD 3D+SAT tiles + Polygons saving + PBR Substance painter )

    Hi if you have any questions i will help you. I've completed a blurred airport. So i've replaced Bing tiles by ArcGis.