normal map

  1. S

    Prepar3D Texture Map Converter (for Normal Maps and PBR Metallic Maps)

    HEY Guys and Girls :) I've developed a quick and dirty little tool (C# .Net w32), it makes the texture/modeling life easier :) 1st feature: Convert Normal Maps (valid for both, Std. Diffuse Textures & PBR Textures): You might know, when using Industry-Standard-Normal-Maps for Prepar3D, you...
  2. Davide Ferrara

    From Substance Painter to 3DS MAX and P3D v4.5 (PBR) -- Tutorial --

    Hi everyone, I'm David from Tailstrike Designs! I just discovered an easy way to export material from Substance Painter easily in P3D v4.5. 1) First of all of all we have to create a preset for exporting all the texture with the correct channel in place! 2) Open your SP project, go to file /...
  3. christopherbritton

    MCX - NormalMaps. Is there a trick? (Solved)

    Hello, I created a NormalMap using the 3D function in Photoshop CC 2017. After creation, I converted it to FSX format using the MCX texture converter. However, for some reason, when I add this NormalMap to my model it fails to show any changes in the model preview. I have even tried exporting...
  4. Peter Hornfeck

    FSX Normal Map Problem

    Maybe someone can help. I made a Normal Map with Gimp. Next I used the MCX texture converter and made a FSX Normal Map. Everything seems fine, but when I add the normal map to my model and convert it, triangles on the faces are showing a divided surface. How can I prevent this? My model is made...