scenery development

  1. KO Zone

    P3D v4 Scenery Project Recruitment

    Hello All, I am looking for texture artists and talented modelers for a big international airport scenery project for P3D, please read below. This is a paid gig Minimum Requirements for a developer: 1) 3DS Max/Blender for modeling 2) Photoshop for texturing 3) Good knowledge of the SDK and how...
  2. Jordansim

    P3D v4 New Scenery Project Recruitment for P3D

    Hello, I am looking for talented 3D Modellers and Texture Artists for a International Airport scenery project for P3D, please read below. This is a Paid Project. The Scenery must include: 1) High Resolution Photoreal Base 2)High quality models 3)High Quality textures (Good textures)...
  3. Helexius Ten

    How to make scenery disappear and reappear at specific times

    Hi, I'm creating a new monastir airport for FS2004 in monastir, tunisia, and I want to add some objects that appear on certain dates and then disappear in later dates, to replicate some events that occur at that airport, I downloaded some New York scenery featuring the twin towers which...
  4. S

    Working on DGAA (Accra Ghana, West africa)

    Hello guys i have working on the Kotoka Int Airport located in Accra, Ghana. Planning on sharing it as a freeware once completed but i do need some serious help, Texturing, because mine doesn't look right lol. As far as testing goes, as of now the buildings, ground poly shows up in P3D V4.x...
  5. Leo2789

    Cooling Tower Steam Stack 1.00

    A simple but neat effect that consists of a large steam stack, the likes of which you would see coming out of a Powerplant Cooling tower. You can use it for whatever you like, though it was created to be used with FS9's "Nuclear powerplant" library object, so it's 'tailored' for it. Place it at...
  6. sniperfull

    Creating a installer for scenery.

    Hi, i've been wanting to create a installer for scenery, but im wondering of how to add simulator detection the best? Would you recommend searching registry for entries for p3d or fsx? or using a different method. Aswell as finding the Scenery.cfg to add my scenery entry into. Greetings, Kuba.
  7. Mason

    P3D v4 Simply Scenery Recruiting

    Who Are We? Hello All, We are Simply scenery a new up and coming development team that are looking to produce some of the most beautiful scenery around. We want to bring the fs community cheap and affordable scenery that also looks amazing at the same time. We are working on bringing a website...