1. K

    FSX Invisible or very small AI object

    I want to use an invisible (or very small) AI object in order to obtain its ground elevation. Do you have any idea which AI object I can use for that? Or is there any AI object I can download for that? I want this object to be invisible as I just use it as bogus object (terrain probe) and it is...
  2. K

    P3D v4 Change view via simConnect (to AI view)

    In P3D I can follow AI aircraft by changing to a view which follows the plane. Can I open such a view / switch to that view via SimConnect. Ideally I would be able able to retrieve all view names, search them in my code and the select it FSX/P3D.
  3. K

    P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

    I need to obtain the scenery's ground elevation at a given position (latitude/longitude). I found the following thread here: Obviously the only way is to create a dummy AI object and...
  4. sniperfull

    [RELEASED] KsimSaver free FSX / P3D auto-saving tool!

    KsimSaver is a free FSX / P3D auto-saving tool just like FSUIPC! but for free! KsimSaver is still in beta, but available for download! the program is actively being updated! here is a link KsimSaver:
  5. TurbofanDude

    Preventing Creep with Breaks Set and Allowing Idle Taxi

    Hey folks, Just thought I'd share this. The code below is what we used in the 717 to prevent creeping with the brakes (either parking brake or toe brakes) with high thrust to allow static takeoffs. It also allows the aircraft to continue rolling after picking up some speed taxiing, giving it a...
  6. sirbenson

    Get Title of Aircraft -> System.AccessViolationException

    Hey there, i'm testing with the SimConnector SDK. My problem is teh "TITLE" of the aircraft. If i add follow definition: SimConnector.AddToDataDefinition(Definitions.StructPlane, "TITLE", null, SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE.STRING256, 0.0f, SimConnect.SIMCONNECT_UNUSED); it returns me a...
  7. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Errors while trying to build a C++ project using Simconnect

    i've been trying to build a project that was originally coded for 32 bit... while trying to get the code running when i selected the 64bit SimConnect.lib into the VC++ directories and Additional Include directories i got these errors while trying to build. Severity Code Description...
  8. M

    Custom ClientEvents In Multiplayer

    Hi, I have a simconnect DLL and I'm trying to use simconnect_transmitClientEvent to send a client event to the same DLL loaded on another user's sim in FSX LAN multiplayer. I am using the code below, which does work locally. I can send and receive events between two DLLs, and between EXE and DLL...
  9. M

    FSXA Finding Aircraft Stall Speed

    Hello, I have a quick question... I'm building a custom catapult, to launch aircraft at more realistic speeds than the default cat. To accomplish that goal while keeping it simple, I'd like to launch each aircraft at its stall speed plus a margin of, say, 20kts. So the question is: how can I...
  10. M

    Requesting Axis/Button/Key data

    Hi folks, I'm writing a simconnect client and want to turn on and off certain joystick and keyboard inputs. Specifically, I'm masking the Joystick input and using it to control a tug instead of the aircraft, but of course, I only want to mask it while in "tug mode". It works great, but after...
  11. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Help starting to develop for Simconnect

    Hi i am a advanced programmer and have a massive passion for flight sims . lately i've been interested in developing an addon that uses Simconnect. Is there any good guide to create a base to start developing (so how to make it to work with all simconnect versions and how to even start...
  12. M

    Trouble Loading a Simconnect DLL from dll.xml

    Hi folks, I wonder if a couple of you wouldn't mind pondering my predicament for a couple minutes, I'd be exceedingly grateful: Problem: When my DLL loads, the sim freezes and never recovers. I get no errors in my simconnect log file. The last message is that the previous dll has loaded...
  13. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 HeadTracker FaceTrackNoIR & P3DV4

    Hello! Has anyone here from the Forum an idea why the Headtracker FaceTrackNoIR V200 with the new Prepar3DV4 no longer functions? It is probably because both programs communicate via Simconnect. This new Simconnect version is 64-bit, right? The installation of the outdated Simconnect version...
  14. E

    [TO DELETE] Using SimConnect_RequestSystemState()

    Hi, (sorry in advance for my english) I'm trying to get the data according to the flying simulation state : "If 1 is returned, the user is in control of the aircraft (he's playing), if 0 is returned, the user is navigating the UI (he's not playing)." According to this very complete source ...
  15. E

    using SimConnect_GetNextDispatch() to get received data

    Hi, (Sorry for my english in advance) I have a little issue with retrieving some FSX variables. I have a c++ project where I would like to retrieve some variables accorded to the user's aircraft currently playing, such as the speed/acceleration - longitude/latitude/altitude - pitch/roll/heading...
  16. Alejandro Mac Kay

    FSX Find JS41 stall speed and overspeed

    Hi, I am creating some programs that run on android and represent the panels of the PMDG JS41. I am currently programming the EADI-EHSI display. The problem is the stall speed indicator. This is a red bar that scroll over the IAS cuadrant. This value is a dinamic value that the addon calculate...
  17. Christian Bahr

    SODE and 64-bit Prepar3D

    Hello. Will SODE continue to work in the future with a 64-Bit Version of Prepar3D? As a User of SODE, I ask myself exactly this question. Against the backdrop of a 64-bit version of the Flight Simulator Prepar3D, which is expected to be released in the future, discussions are constantly taking...
  18. C

    Monitor AI Objects

    Hi All, I've come across this MSDN article about monitoring AI objects (in particular AI aircraft) however as has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the sample code is no longer accessible. If anyone does have a copy and would be willing to share it would be VERY much appreciated! Since...
  19. K

    FSXA Added AI aircraft removed directly after adding it - why?

    When I add an AI aircraft, I do sometimes see the same aircraft removed right after. So if I add an aircraft (let`s say with id 10) it is reported as removed instantly. Reading about the reality bubble I understand there might be situations when I cannot add an AI aircraft. However, from my...
  20. K

    FSXA Set TAXI lights for AI traffic

    Has someone managed to set TAXI lights for AI traffic? I can set all the other lights, but taxi lights do not work. A similar question has been asked years back and I wonder if someone has solved the issue: I have tried both, bit mask and single values. In the documentation it says the value...