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  1. jpfil

    MSFS Third party aircraft texture issue

    Hello, A colleague of mine did textures of an airline for Asobo's Kingair. If I load this model to pilot it the textures display perfectly without any problem. On the other hand, if I use this model as a static SimObject in a scenery, the texture of the company disappears if I am more than 100...
  2. chongwen20110901

    Unable to Complie Simobjects After SU6: Error "Could Not Open File"

    Hi all, I've been struggling with a issue where all the simobjects have failed to compile. All these simobjects compiled perfectly fine before Sim Update 6. But after the update nothing seem to work anymore. This is not limited to my custom models, as some of the Asobo stock simobjects also...
  3. Christian Bahr

    MSFS SimObject and Wav file

    Hi all! Does anyone know how to attach a sound file to a SimObject with simple means? I would like to equip one of the Bahrometrix Unliving Horror People with a suitable means of communication, a "moaning sound": But I have no idea how to do it. The SDK says something about the fact that...
  4. Luicid

    MSFS Trigger the fuel page on an SceneryObject

    Hey Guys, ok time for some r&d here :) If someone want to test the possibilities about triggering an event (fuel page appears) when we get close to an object <sceneryObject>, feel free to join my journey :) So, I watched this official sdk page and I saw the <Trigger /> function and try to add...
  5. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Animated Ground Traffic - PathFollow Animation Object

    Hi! I am currently in the process of creating animated ground traffic for the Dortmund Airport project. Something occurred to me and I asked myself whether it was recently possible to use the MSFS SDK to program ground vehicles so that they collide with other objects. And so I then placed an...
  6. RomanDesign

    MSFS Triggering Hangar door animation in SimObject by distance?

    I'm trying to figure out how to trigger hangar door animation based on distance. The idea is to play the opening animation once when inside or close to the hangar, and play the closing animation when farther away. I was able to create a normal animation with scenery objects, and a flag waving in...
  7. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Analog Clock

    Hi! A small step forward in my current project ... a clock as a SimObject .... If you are interested, here is the code: I fished the formulas for calculating the hours and minutes out of the forum somewhere, many thanks to the author of these formulas!!!

    P3D v4 P3D PDK register property

    Hello all i'm trying to make my first ever PDK Addon i started with Simobject even if it is hard cus i need it for an other addon i made my way through by Copy paste, SDK docs and fixing visual studio Red lines i finished all the needed declarations and the DLL just compiled now i need to test...
  9. M


    Hi folks, I looked around and couldn't find a reference for the "model.cfg" file which goes in simobjects/aircraft/objectname/model. I know that in most aircraft, model.cfg has two entries: normal=exteriorMDLfileName interior=interiorMDLfileName Are there any other entries allowed? Is there...
  10. Rotornut44

    SODE v1.5.3 - SimObjects Duplicating

    @Jeffrey Stähli Hey Jeffrey, I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but I have ran into a intermittent bug with the latest version of SODE. For some reason, I will randomly get double or triple windsocks. This has only happened a few times though, so it seems to be a rare case. Reviewing...
  11. Rotornut44

    Exporting SODE SimObject in Model Converter X?

    Hello, I made a few performance improvements to a 3rd party SimObject windsock model that I'm using with SODE. However, I seem to be running into an issue. After I finished tweaking, I exported the model as an FSX MDL with the exact same name as the original. However, for some reason the model...